Thursday, April 6, 2023

REVIEW - HEALING LITTLE HARMONY by Allie Belle & Rogue London

Gray Remington takes a deep breath as he drives towards the Rawhide Ranch letting the stress of New York go with each breath. Now that he is in Montana he was actually glad for his career change as abrupt as it was.

He agreed to temporarily teach at his mother's Etiquette School of New York but had been fired because of accusations from an out-of-control student. Well, maybe the spanking was out of line considering they were in his office at school but to accuse him of sexual assault?

Over the years he has spent time at Rawhide Ranch where spankings were the norm and actually expected when rules were broken, but instead of being a trip for pleasure, he was offered a position to teach at their private college.

Harmony Carrington had controlling parents who only cared about appearances and she did everything she could to revolt against her parent's rules of perfection. The more chaos and lies the better. Anything to get attention. But, this time she had gone too far and needed to leave town before her parents realized the lies she had told which ended with her professor being fired.

I loved this story. It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. If you like reading DdLg books, you will love this story. As with all of Rogue London's books expect spankings and smoking hot chemistry.

The last person Harmony ever expected to see when she escaped New York was the man her lies had gotten fired and she can tell from the gleam in his eyes that she won't escape unpunished.

HEALING LITTLE HARMONY is part of the RAWHIDE RANCH Series and releases on April 15, 2023


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