Tuesday, April 4, 2023


Adelee Summers's boyfriend Chaz has been pressuring her for months and despite her reservations, she has decided that tonight is the night. But instead of picking her up for a romantic evening he phones and tells her she can find him in the hotel bar. Then she arrives only to find a woman hanging all over him and when the bartender asks if she wants a drink makes an insulting comment that she was too much of a goodie two shoes to drink.

But, despite all of that she follows him up to the room, but the final nail was his aggressive behavior and she knew there had been a reason she had put him off in the first place. She decides then and there that she will focus on her gymnastics childhood dream of winning the SEC All-Around and never date another athlete again, especially a baseball player.

Hagan Chatham is the new transfer to the University of Kentucky and knew the second his baseball cleats touch the field that this was where he was meant to be. Not only was the Southeastern Conference the best in baseball, but it he wouldn't be running into his cheating ex-girlfriend around every corner.

All of his new teammates have been warm and welcoming except Chaz the egotistical jerk who he had no idea how became the Team Captain. He has been around professional baseball his whole life since his father owns the Kodiaks MLB team and has never seen a team leader act like Chaz. 

I love this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. If you read her Sarasota Sharks Series you will recognize all the men and women who are carried over to this spin-off series. It feels like a family reunion getting to catch up with everyone.

Adalee puts up her guard against Hagan even before they meet when she sees his charming smile across the room, but when her distraction causes an injury that may put her scholarship in danger she is determined to avoid him at all costs. And then their Engineering Professor teams them up for an assignment.

This book is action-packed, steamy hot and hits all your the emotions. Just when Adalee and Hagan think they have their happily-ever-after tragedy strikes and threatens to take everything away.

Highly recommend not only this book, but anything written by Kristin Lee. Her stories make you feel like part of the family and keep you turning the pages.

ALL YOUR FAULT is book one of the CAMPUS STALLIONS Series which is a spin-off of the SARASOTA SHARKS Series

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