Thursday, April 6, 2023


Jennifer was focusing on the map on her phone trying to block out Sy's singing and Jack was looking through the first aid kit he found under the truck seat in case they needed anything especially as Sy's driving was starting to show the amount of his alcohol consumption. 

And Jennifer looks at Jesse resentfully because she's sleeping through all of the chaos and drama around her, having passed out as soon as she got in the truck...and so their journey begins.

Jesse works as a bartender at a strip club and is a freelance tattoo artist. She has just left her sister another voicemail that she hopes won't also be ignored when the phone behind the bar rings. She lets it continue to ring as she discusses updating her biker friend's tattoo when she is yelled at to answer the phone. She listens in shock at what the caller has to say.

When she tells her boss/live-in boyfriend that she needs a few days for a family emergency, he she quit, packed her belongings and took his dog as she headed out the door.

Jennifer was as polar opposite from her sister as could be. She lived in an upper-class house and was married to a doctor with two children. Since their parents died five years ago the only contact she from her sister Jesse was to get her out of some type of jam...spiraling more out of control as each day passed by.

Jesse and Jennifer are sitting in shock. Not only had their parents NOT been their parents, but instead their mom's sister, they find out that they have just been left an inheritance...but there were conditions to collect the $1.2 million estate.

They have to go on a scavenger hunt and have one week or their inheritance goes to charity. 

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and will keep you laughing. Allyson Rice takes you on a wild ride through the deep deep South and you will meet some very unique characters.

As they start their journey they find out they have a brother and some family history they wish they hadn't learned about. This is a story of heartbreak, new friends and beginnings and so many twists and turns. All I can say is expect the unexpected and join their hunt for answers.

This book is action-packed from beginning to end and will have you laughing out loud. I can't wait to see what Allyson Rice will write next! Highly recommend!

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