Sunday, April 2, 2023

REVIEW - HIS IRISH CAPTIVE by Jenna Gunn & Gabby Hughes

Kieran McGregor is glancing at Rory and they shake their heads. When Kieran threw his adopted sister Caroline a party when she turned eighteen half of the people landed in jail for fighting. This is the lamest party he has ever seen.

Patrick Coglan is a greedy self-serving idiot and instead of the Irish mob boss celebrating his daughter Carra's eighteenth birthday he was using the opportunity to make deals with other criminals with a jazz trio playing in the background. 

The Irish mob's most powerful men were on one side of the room and their wives were clustered in groups on the other, but his focus remained on Carra, the guest of honor, and his security responsibility for the evening. Unlike her sisters, she isn't dressed for a party but looks like she is going to a funeral. 

Rebelling against her father makes her even more interesting to him, but he can never act on his interest. It would be too dangerous for her. She is the most beautiful of his Boss's daughters and he would put her life before his even if it wasn't his job to guard the three girls.

Carra Coghlan is the youngest daughter of the Irish mob boss. She had just stepped onto the balcony for some fresh air when a man speaks.  Niall Murphy had followed her...determined in getting her alone and she shivers in revulsion at his sexual suggestions as he tries to pull her away to make them a reality. She knows that she is now a commodity to her father to marry off and prays that Niall isn't her future husband.

But her bodyguard Kieran is there to save her and when he escorts her to the garden she asks him for a kiss. She is determined to have one choice before her father sells her to one of his mafia friends.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. I will warn you first that this is book one of a duet and there is a HUGE cliffhanger. There are a few secondary characters that are very important to this storyline and I hope they end up getting their own story.

This book is action-packed from cover to cover. It is full of danger, twists and turns, intrigue and suspense. I love that this story is told in dual POV because knowing the secrets that both are holding adds to the suspense. This story is smoking hot and just when Kieran feels he has control he is told something that shatters everything he felt for Carra.

Highly recommend and cannot wait to see what happens next!

HIS IRISH CAPTIVE is book one of the DARK PROMISES duet

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