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Lillian Milano is by her sister Hannah's side in the hospital and trying to level out her emotions. She needs to calm down or her healing powers won't work and her sister will not survive the night.

Lillian has been on the run for the last two years hiding in Boston. Kinetica is an underground organization that imprisons healers and uses them as lab rats. Forcing them to heal people who they poisoned in some form or another. 

She had missed her father and sister tremendously, but she had faked her death to protect them from Kinetica. Under the assumed name of Zoey, she has returned to Cleveland in the hopes to save her sister's life but is afraid that Hannah's infectious disease is too far along. She needed more energy or Hannah won't make it through the night.

After Jillian took her father home for a much-needed rest she returns to the hospital and a tall man enters right behind her and as he follows her towards the Infectious Disease Ward fear takes over wondering if Kinetica has found her and takes a calming breath when he continues past her. 

She is almost at her sister's hospital room when she feels the fear and pain emanating from the room next door. She knows that she can heal them without using the energy that was needed for her sister and sees a four-year-old girl. She places her hand on the girl's forehead, closes her eyes and lets her energy surround and destroy the girl's infection. When she turns to leave the room the same man is leaning against the door jam wanting to know who she was and why she is there.

She recognizes Tristan King immediately. She has seen him on TV donating tons of money to the hospital. But the man's clout isn't what grabs her attention...she has never felt the amount of energy flowing from this man before and she needs to somehow convince him to visit her sister so she can use that energy to help save her sister's life.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Jillian has extrasensory abilities and is able to heal using the energy around her, but her sister's illness is further along and Jillian doesn't have enough energy to save her. 

After a chance meeting with Tristan in the hospital she tries to bargain with him to spend a few minutes visiting her sister telling him that Hannah is a huge fan. He refuses her request until his ex-fiance corners him and he agrees to visit if Jillian will attend a charity event at his home the next day.

This book is action-packed from page one. It is full of danger and suspense as Jillian tries to heal her sister and avoid detection from the organization that wants to abuse her healing powers. This book is smoking hot and just when Jillian is starting to trust Tristan she finds that he knew her secrets all along. Add in a lying ex and you can't help but continue turning the pages.

Highly recommend! Looking forward to Hannah's story...

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