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Emmy is a 6th-grade music teacher and was monitoring the halls as the kids were leaving the school and she opened her mouth to reprimand a student for his language but decided since it was the last day of school why bother especially since it was Braxton Madden and he had probably heard much worse at home. 

Braxton was the youngest son of Dominic Madden. The notorious president of the King's Men MC Club. She had never had reason to meet Braxton's father, but she had seen the gorgeous man at school functions and heard the other teachers gossiping. She may be fascinated with him, but there was a difference between a bad boy and a dangerous man so she avoided him at all costs.

Emmy had just finished a piano lesson and noticed a boy on a bicycle fly by. She could swear she recognized him. As she pulls her car into the street and gets closer she realizes that is Braxton Madden and when he looks back at her she realizes his face is filled with terror. Something hits her car and when she looks into the rearview mirror she sees why.

There is a black car racing towards her with a man leaning out of the passenger window...with a gun and they are aiming it right at Braxton. She sped up and yelled for him to get in her car. There is no way she is letting them kill him.

Dominic couldn't imagine anything more freeing than hitting the open road on his motorcycle with one of his brothers. When a cop pulls out behind them he and Axel glance at each other with a nod and head in separate directions. Dominic is almost disappointed when the cop gives chase after Axel, but they accomplished their goal.

He nods at the semi that blows past him. They had distracted the cop to give the semi transporting product enough time to cross state lines. Dominic has spent the last decade as president of the King's Men MC Club and had loyal men across the world.

He owned bars, nightclubs, restaurants and salons that catered to the rich, but most served as a front to launder money for his drug transportation business. Men across the country trusted him to make sure their products made it to their destination and they paid dearly for the service.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. Although this book can be read as a standalone I highly suggest that you start from the beginning with Roman & Ryleigh's duet. All of the characters are recurring and books 1 & 2 give you tons of background material to truly understand these men and the King's Men MC Club.

Emmy has only been in Sacramento for a short time leaving everything in her life behind in Nevada after her future was taken away from her. Dominic rules California with a tight fist and no one is stupid enough to cross him. But Dominic has a soft spot...he loves his sons and will do anything to protect them.

This book is action-packed from word one. It is full of danger, intrigue, suspense and smoking hot. Dominic first had intended to protect the woman who saved his son's life, but it didn't take long for her to become his obsession and he would do anything to keep her tied to his side. 

Highly recommend this book and can't wait for Micah's story and hopefully, the Four Horsemen will also get stories.

MONSTER is book three of the KING'S MEN MC Series

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