Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Author at a Glance - CYNDI L STUART

Cyndi didn’t start out life as a mystery writer. But one day something unexpected happened—she became a woman of a certain age.

“What in the world are you waiting for?” said the voice in her head as she woke up on her fiftieth birthday. “That novel isn’t going to write itself! And YOU, sweet pea, are NOT getting any younger.”

So, after years spent as a naturalist on the north Oregon coast and PNW garden speaker, Cyndi dusted off her old Comm degree, left technical writing behind and got to work on short stories, flash fiction, and personal essays. But in secret she tapped away on her first mystery novel, Deadly Yours, which has now been published by The Wild Rose Press.

The challenge of creating stories from her own imagination, current events, history, and things she might have overheard at the local coffee shop is what makes her happy and where her passion for writing began. She now lives on a small island in south Puget Sound where she and her husband, a potter and artist, run an artisan business. When not reading, writing, or procrastinating, Cyndi can be found hiking, biking, or swimming in the local lakes, streams, and even Puget Sound (in a wetsuit).

Cyndi is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and Sisters in Crime.

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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - Deadly Yours (Samantha McMican Mystery - Book 1)

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