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He's the rockstar she's always idolised. She's the muse he never saw coming. Can they turn an accidental "I do" into a forever kind of love? If you love jaded rock stars, Vegas weddings and steamy backstage encounters, then you’ll be swept off your feet by Marrying Olivia by Morgana Bevan, an opposites attract, instalove, secret relationship, accidental marriage, rockstar romance.

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A rockstar romance that began with a teenage crush...and led to an unexpected "I do."


I've spent years perfecting the art of keeping people at arm's length. But Olivia, with her angel's voice and her heart on her sleeve, slips past my defences like they're made of paper.

She makes me want things I never thought I could have. Love. Commitment. A future. But the price of fame is high, and I don't know if I'm strong enough to pay it.


All I’ve ever wanted is to share my music with the world. But I never imagined I'd get to open for The Brightside, the band I've idolised since high school. And I definitely didn't expect to fall for Lewis, their sexy bassist who once graced my teenage bedroom walls.

One wild night in Vegas, and we wake up hitched. Now I'm torn between my teenage fantasy and the fear of getting my heart broken by a man who's never had to let anyone in.

Can we turn this accidental marriage into a forever kind of love?

Marrying Olivia is a steamy, opposites-attract rock star romance about a small-town singer and her teenage crush turned accidental husband.

For readers who love watching sparks fly, navigating the challenges of fame, and proving that sometimes, the biggest risks lead to the greatest rewards.

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Copyright 2024 Morgana Bevan

I chuckled, leaning back in my seat. “Some of my thoughts aren’t appropriate for public consumption.” 

She raised a brow, intrigued. “Oh? Do tell. You can’t leave a girl hanging like that.” 

I shook my head, grinning. “Now where’s the fun in that? I can’t give away all my secrets on the first date.” 

“Ah, so you’re a man of mystery.” She propped her chin on her hand, studying me with those keen green eyes. “I do love a good puzzle.” 

“Well then, you’re in luck. I’ve been told I’m quite the enigma.” I winked, enjoying our playful back-and-forth. 

“Is that so?” She leaned forward, a lock of hair slipping over her shoulder. “Challenge accepted. I’ll have you figured out quicker than a hound dog on a coon trail.” 

My heart skipped a beat at the idea of her wanting to unravel me, to know me deeper. “I look forward to it. But I should warn you, I’m not an easy nut to crack.” 

“Good thing I’m stubborn then.” Her smile turned sly. “And I reckon I’m pretty darn skilled with my hands, too.” 

I nearly choked on my wine at the innuendo, blood rushing south at the thought of her hands on me. “Is that a promise or a threat, Songbird?” 

She tilted her head that nickname, curiosity shining in her eyes. I expected her to question it, but instead, a coy smile claimed her lips. 

“Guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out, won’t you?” She traced the rim of her glass with a fingertip, her eyes never leaving mine. 

Fuck but I was in trouble with this one. The best kind of trouble.

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About Morgana Bevan

Morgana Bevan is a sucker for a rock star romance, particularly if it involves a soul-destroying breakup or strangers waking up in Vegas. She’s a contemporary romance author based in Wales. When Morgana’s not writing steamy celebrity romances with gorgeous British rock stars and movie stars, she’s travelling the world, searching for inspiration.

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