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Dusty is in awe of the hotel she is staying at in Waikiki for the next few days for a business conference... all at her employer's expense. Not only will she have access to workshops and keynote speakers to further her goal of climbing the financial world ladder but this amazing hotel is right on the beach.

If only she could avoid the men that are staring at her like she was a Victoria Secrets' model instead of a professional. And the sandy beach is calling her name. Her goals are on her future and she has worked to hard to be distracted by a man. 

She has been working towards being a CEO since she was ten years old and she knows from experience that men can't be trusted to stay. After her father walked out when she was four and seeing her mother work two jobs to support her and her sister Dusty is determined to make her mark in the world... without depending a man who is going to leave anyway.

Cash is sitting at a table overlooking the beach when he sees a vision in a bikini obviously not interested in the guy hitting on her. She finally laughs at something he says and reluctantly gets up from the beach towel and he watches as she lets him talk her into a surf lesson. He is impressed seeing her determination and her excitement when she finally stays on the board and comes in on a wave.

And despite his brothers needing him and the danger his empire is facing he decides to stay another night. But when he wakes the next morning he turns to find himself alone. The woman who flipped his world is gone... and he doesn't have a name or any way to find her.

I loved this book! It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable. I didn't think it was possible but as amazing as all her previous books are Cash is my favorite! Sign me up for this obsessive billionaire! 

This book is action-packed, full of intrigue and steamy hot! Dusty landed a financial analyst job straight out of college and had given herself a timeline before leaving Texas for a dream job in New York. But when she returns from Hawaii she decides to not wait and starts sending out resumes and two months later she has been offered a job that surpassed all her dreams.

Until she is introduced to her new boss... 

I love Dusty and Cash's story. Despite someone trying to destroy his company from the inside all Cash can think about is how to keep Dusty from running again. Highly recommend!


Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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