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Liberty adores her husband Mason and hates being a broken wife.  She knows that Mason worries that she will have a breakdown and she hates being treated like a piece of glass that will shatter at any time.  She craves the spontaneity others enjoy.  

She wishes she could have one regular moment in her life.  She feels the need for a change but doesn't know how to relay it to Mason.  She is ashamed of her new desires and is afraid that her mother was right the whole time and she would die if she disappointed Mason.

Mason is a trauma surgeon and worries the nights he is on call because he never knew what could set Liberty off and put her over the edge.  It took him a while to work out the perfect system where he would give Liberty unnecessary tasks - rearranging books/videos out of order and anything else he can find to fulfill her need to feel necessary.

Although he knows all about Liberty's past that left her with mental scars even after their five years of marriage he hasn't told her about his past.  A past that just arrived on his doorstep.  His lover from thirteen years ago.  His male lover.

Mason was Sean's biggest regret.  Instead of owning up that he was in love with a man, he walked away from the only person who has ever loved him.

Although I have read BREAKING PERFECT already, I was excited to listen to the audiobook.  I should have been prepared that listening to the story was even more emotional than reading it.  This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.

This story is written from the POVs of Liberty, Mason and Sean giving you full insight into their complicated life.  This is the first time I have listened to a book narrated by Lance West and I am just blown away!  I actually had to recheck the credits several times because this man does a PERFECT woman's voice.

I love these characters!  Lydia Michaels has given us characters that are perfect even with their fractured pasts.

Libby's OCD has OCD.  She had a horrible childhood and now she fights hard for perfection.  To the point that if one second of her day is off schedule she starts to harm herself to try to get back control.

Mason will do anything to make sure that Libby is not only happy, including pushing his sexual desires aside.  But, Sean is the key to chasing away Libby's demons.  

This is a D/s poly romance that deals in BDSM, MMF, mental issues and power exchange so beware if you have any triggers. 

This book is highly erotic and smoking hot and Lance West was wow, just wow!  This book is unlike any other Lydia Michaels book in that it not only deals with multiple partners, but the sexual chemistry is off the charts!  Highly recommend!

Start listening to BREAKING PERFECT today!

Start reading BREAKING PERFECT today!

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