Monday, July 25, 2022


Siri may be the number one stripper in Vegas and have all the men salivating in their chairs with her sexual strip teases but her number one rule was - no one was allowed to touch her.  But, that all changed when she had to return to Alabama after a call that her mother had an accident.

She had taken a temporary office job while she was in Alabama and was about to enter the elevator of her apartment building when her eyes caught sight of the gorgeous man in the office and all thoughts of being untouchable flew out of her mind.

Aurei couldn't believe his eyes.  He had just arrived to sign the lease for one of his Army buddies when the woman he has been waiting for stepped out the doors to the complex.  What were the chances that the Vegas star that he has been waiting to return so he could finally meet her would be in his hometown?

Aurei doesn't know how to tell Siri his secrets without losing her.  She knows him as a flyboy who just resigned from the Army which is only part of who he is.  No one knows all the parts of him and he is scared that now that he has finally found his one his past will ruin his chances.

This is book two of Siri and Aurei's story and WOW!  Book one was hot, but this book is erotism at its best.  I love this couple so much!  Siri is making up for not having a sexual relationship with Aurei and she is determined to drive him to distraction.

This book is full of suspense waiting for what Aurei is hiding in Italy and I was totally surprised at what he had kept secret from all his friends and Army buddies in Alabama.  Being Italian my brain was going in a totally different direction.

This book is action-packed, full of amazing secondary characters and so so hot.  It is very erotic and even though Aurei is a definite alpha male he is totally romantic in his control.  Can't wait to see what Jessika Klide has in store for Siri and Aurei in the conclusion of this trilogy!

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