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Master Baldor by Rogue London
Masters of Midgard – Book Two

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I don't make a habit of punishing random submissives at my club.

But when I have a little girl on the verge of a full blown meltdown on my hands, it seems like the only option.

With her bottom still red and hot from my discipline, she all but begs me to take her. To use her in all the wicked, wanton ways I can think of. She couldn't be more perfect for me.

Except for one minor detail: She isn't really a Little, after all, but a Middle. And she's convinced she's far too independent for my tastes.

But a sudden threat forces us together, and I find myself wondering more and more what it would take to convince her to let me be her guiding light, her beacon in the storm.

Her Daddy.


“First off, that asshole just walked right in here. He didn’t knock or request permission and then started throwing his weight around like he had every right to. I’m going to be pissed if this is something that happens at this club. Because this is supposed to be a safe space for me and all the Littles and Middles who attend this place with, or without, a Daddy!”

She was all but yelling and I was biting my tongue to not give her the verbal lashing I wanted to. After all, she had a point, she should be able to feel safe in her chosen playground and we at Midgard prided ourselves on providing that for everyone.

“Shelby, I understand you are upset. Can I ask, did you know Peter, or was this a random incident?”

She crossed her arms, immediately taking a defensive stance, which told me all I needed to know. She knew this Peter character but didn’t answer, continuing to glare like everything was my fault. It meant her lashing out was a deflection. Littles could be irrational in how they viewed the world of grow-ups. It was difficult to be a Little in a world that could be so harsh and their very need to be protected, was tested  again, and again. My heart went out to her because I knew she was hurting, and afraid.

I held up my hands in a gesture of surrender. “I’m here to help and to ensure this doesn’t t happen again to any of our other guests in the future.”
She dropped her arms, but her hands remained clenched. She lowered her head, collecting herself. When she lifted her gaze back to mine, her eyes sizzled with emotion. It was then I noticed her eyes were an unusual shade of violet gray.

“I’m not the enemy. I’m just here to ensure everyone’s safety,” I reiterated.
“It shouldn’t matter if I knew that guy or not. I’m not a baby. I don’t need you or anyone else. It’s not my job to assist you with your problems, it is your job to offer me a safe space. Besides, what can a baby Daddy offer me, anyway? I don’t sleep in a crib, I don’t wear diapers, and I don’t let men control me 24/7. I’m a person with actual feelings and genuine needs, and clearly, I’m in the wrong place.”

She stomped toward me and made to exit out the door, but I halted her. I was done with being her proverbial whipping boy and playing the understanding Daddy.

“Sit down, little girl, right now, or you will find yourself in a world of hurt.”
“No. And you can’t make me!” she practically screamed. Whatever else she may be, right now she was an out-of-control brat.

“Shelby, if I have to tell you again, you will go over my knee for a very hard spanking. Do I make myself clear?” I used my Daddy tone that usually had Littles jumping to behave, but not Shelby. She looked me up and down, offering a saucy look.

“As if a pretty boy like you knows how to spank.”

Oh, no, she didn’t!

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Master Thor by Ann Jensen & Rogue London
Masters of Midgard - Book One


When Raia Hensen walks through my doors, it's clear the last place she should be is in my club. Her innocence shines so bright it's almost painful to look at her.

But there's a darkness lurking just beneath that sweet, shiny exterior. A past she can't escape, and a pain behind her eyes she can't quite hide. It's a combination that calls to me, all but begging me to claim her for my own.

And for the first time in years, I give in to temptation, introducing her to the kind of pleasure that can only be found through pain. When she finally surrenders to me, there is nothing I would not do to keep her safe.

In my club, I am known as Master Thor. And I will rain lightning and hellfire down on anyone who dares to threaten her.


SKYLAR WEST is an established steamy, action suspense romance novelist, who loves to write stories about strong heroines and dominant heroes.

Every character she meets in her head has a story to tell. Skylar writes in a variety of Romance subgenres and tropes, to make these characters' stories rich and fulfilling for the reader.

Skylar writes BDSM and Daddy Dom romance under her alternate pen name, Rogue London.

Skylar/Rogue is a wife, mother of 5, and grandmother of 4. She's reinvented herself many times starting her early years off as a junior Olympic competitor, dancer, model, and actress.

She's run a successful MLM company and shared time management tips on many stages across North America.

For the past fifteen years, she has worked as a yoga instructor and alternative health practitioner with a client base of over 6000.

Now, she is quite happy to lock herself away in her favorite nook, to dream up and write stories to share with the world. 

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