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Maximus Aurelius Moore's code name in the Army was Hardcore.  He gave you the truth no matter hardcore it was.  Aurei was an Alabama boy through and through, but he also had secret roots in Italy.  Although he was stationed at Fort Rucker, Alabama he spent time in Rome whenever he could.

He is now standing in his boxers on the balcony of his Italian studio waiting for the model he had hired to photograph.  He made sure that they were aware he only photographed nudes and he didn't do anything without their permission.

Aurei was thinking of joining the Army Aviation Flight School in Fort Rucker Alabama, but unlike his friend Sam who had nowhere else to go Aurei was running because his photo was on the Italian social pages announcing that he was in line to inherit the Liotine fortune and the next young available bachelor.   He couldn't sign up fast enough.

He keeps a dual life.  His business and his American life are totally separate. No one in Alabama knows the extent of his money, his military family has no clue and only know him as Warrant Officer Aurei Moore, an Alabama homeboy stationed at Fort Rucker Alabama.

Aurei is on his way to Vegas to check out a business venture and when he meets up with friends at Been Jammin' to check out the star performer Seary, this player can't take his eyes off the woman on stage.

I love this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book is full of secondary characters to give the book even more depth.  It is months before Aurei finally meets the woman of his dreams and it was like fate had dropped her in his lap.  Now he just had to get her to want him without her knowing he knows who she is.

This book is action packaged and full of mystery about both Siri and Aurei's pasts.  This book is a scorching hot erotic slow burn romance and book one in a trilogy.  The only books I have read by Jessika Klide were retellings and although I loved them I was not prepared for this amazing book.

Highly recommend it and can't wait to continue Siri and Aurei's story!

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