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He woke to find himself in a hot concrete basement that smelled of blood and sweat and remembered where he was when he saw four bodies on the floor.  One beaten to a bloody pulp and the other three knocked out cold.

When he lifts his hand for them to send in the next fighter, he is stopped by a woman saying she needed to check out the cut above his eye.  When he tells her in his Russian accent that it's just a scratch and tries to go around her everything goes quiet.  All the booing surrounding him stops as the spectators watch her in shock as this tiny woman tells the 6'6" fighter to stop.

When he picks her up and puts her aside, he finds her attached to his neck and latches her lips to his and kisses him.  Now he is the one in shock.

I loved this audiobook.  Clementine Dove did a wonderful job telling Serena & Beast's story.  This story is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.

Serena isn't her real name, but it's the name she has taken to follow her dreams to be a singer and to escape the memories of her brother's death.

They call him Beast because of the man he becomes when fighting.  There are only two things that tame the wildness within - fighting and f*ck&g.  After meeting Serena he is determined to make her his pet.

This book is action packed from beginning to end.  It is a very dark romance that has triggers so beware if that isn't your type of reading.  This book takes us through years of contention as Beast does everything he can to let it be known that she belongs to him - no matter the humiliation it causes her.

This book is violent and erotic, but I had to laugh at these tough Russian men as they competed at the most ridiculous of contests.  Theodora Taylor gives us another tortured violent Russian man and a strong black woman who isn't scared to stand her ground and Clementine Dove brings all the emotion as she gives another fantastic reading.


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