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Shelby had just conquered all of the levels of Giants of Jotun when she received a call from her best friend, and her only non-online friend, Dahlia asking if she wanted to join her for a night at Midgard, an exclusive BDSM club.

Shelby was a gamer with a huge YouTube following and needed some human contact.  She was also needed to get out of her apartment because of some weird messages she was receiving.  Her true identity was hidden, but somehow these messages were coming to her private account and she was starting to get creeped out.

Even though Shelby was twenty-two because of her petite size she was always carded so she took advantage and dressed in her favorite vintage 80s clothes after her teen idols.  And she had the teenage attitude to match her clothes.

Noah, known as Master Baldor in the club, had just arrived when he noticed the girl sitting at the bar.  Although she was gorgeous he could tell that she wasn't a Little which is what he was looking for.

He usually visits their most experienced clubs but was getting restless as he couldn't find the perfect Little.  He decided to stop by Midgard to see if he could find a woman who he could train.  He was ready to find and settle down with his own Little.

Noah and his fraternity brothers Erik, Jared, Lincoln, Colin, Declan, Gabriel and their friend Marissa had opened three BDSM clubs directly out of college.  Midgard was open to the public for those who were curious about the BDSM culture.   Valhalla and Asgard were more exclusive and membership was by invitation only.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Although I have read many BDSM books, this is the first that I have read regarding Middles and feel that Rogue London gives a great explanation of the culture and DD/lg.

This book is action-packed and smoking hot.  While Master Baldor is protecting Shelby from a real threat they both realize that regardless of what age Shelby relates to...relationships are based on individual needs.  You just need to be open with your communication and willing to negotiate.

Although this book is a standalone novel, I highly recommend that you read this series in order as these characters are recurring. 

MASTER BALDOR is book two of the MASTERS OF MIDGARD Series
Start reading MASTER BALDOR today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Start reading the MASTERS OF MIDGARD Series today
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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