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Madeline Mina was determined to avenge her cousin Lia. Madeline had no sense of belonging.  She had been adopted at the age of four and grew up in the Church of Angels.  She has slept in the basement on a cot her whole life.  Scrubbing floors until her hands were bleeding.  Paying penance for sins she didn't know she committed.  Being homeschooled and having no contact outside the church doors.

Her only friend and connection outside of the church was Lia who has fallen into an enchanted sleep.  Just before Lia's mother had encased her in a glass coffin, Madeline borrowed her diary from her purse hoping to find answers to why this had happened.  Had she really committed suicide?

Lia had attended Pandemonium Academy, a mixture of humans and magical races.  Magical races were recognized now and openly lived openly among them and since the world is no longer at peace.  She had been taught that the magical races were malevolent and carried traces of the demon who created them in their blood.

But, now her hatred was on a personal level.  There are four names listed in Lia's diary.  She had decided to run away and obtain a fake ID so she could attend Pandemonium Academy.  Ronan Ashton, Sindri Arash, Emrys Ramsden and Jason Kassidy would feel her wrath.  As Mia Solace she will get her vengeance and make them pay for what they've done to her cousin.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Mia is totally out of her element when she arrives at Pandemonium Academy.  Not only is she out in the real world for the first time in her life, but these boys are not what she expected.  They were bullies, yes, but were they capable of killing?

This reverse harem romance is action packed from page one.  Mia finds out that the guys she is here to take down aren't her real danger and when they start coming to her rescue, she has to remember why she is there.

This story has twists and turns as Mia finds herself helping the men she is determined to take down and ends with a cliffhanger when Mia finds out who her family is.  

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