Friday, July 15, 2022

REVIEW - BEYOND GRAY SKIES by Danielle Sibarium

Amber Collins is distraught.  It's been two years, but it feels like yesterday.  Her husband had taken the day off to help her around the house and run some errands for her.  She was in the kitchen preparing Keith's favorite dinner when she realized she was out of lemons and headed out to the store.

It took her longer to get home because of the unexpected traffic.  There were police barricades, sirens and emergency vehicles speeding by.  She was surprised that Keith hadn't beat her home, but assumed he had also got caught in the traffic.  She may have dinner ready when he gets home after all.

The doorbell rings and she realizes that her eleven year old son, Logan, doesn't have his music blaring like usual.  When she opens the door, she just starts shaking her head NO...she's watched enough TV shows to know that it's never good when two police officers are standing on the other side of your door.

A drunk driver had lost control of his car and had crashed into the dry cleaners...crushing her husband.  He was killed immediately.

Her son Logan is still full of rage at the loss of his father.  She is now on the phone with the assistant principal at Logan's middle school and told that they have a zero-tolerance policy.  Logan had threatened to cut off another student's privates at lunch that day.  She was told that he was a ticking time bomb and then the egotistical jerk had the nerve to imply that Logan needed a male influence in his life.

Amber is the last car in the parking lot and is getting concerned that Logan hasn't come out from his volleyball practice so she heads up the steps of the school to locate him.  She doesn't need any more problems after the call she received that morning.  Not paying attention to the man coming out of the building until he asks if he can help her.

When she explains that she is looking for the volleyball coach to make sure there are no issues, he tells that he is the coach and there are no problems.  When she looks up to fully take in the man wearing sweats and a t-shirt she is speechless.  The man is simply gorgeous.  She has never had this reaction to anyone.  Not only is he her son's volleyball coach, but he is much younger than her.  

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book second-chance romance is action packed, full of grief, anger and smoking hot chemistry.

Amber is dealing with a lot in this book.  She is grief stricken by the unexpected death of her husband, dealing with a teenage son who she doesn't know anymore and is fighting her attraction to a much younger man.  I love how this author deals with grief, a rebellious angry teenager and that not only kids can be bullies.  

Highly recommend!

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