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I want to thank Kelly Finley for taking the time for this interview!


Kelly Finley hates writing bios but appreciates that you made it this far. So here you go… 

She lives in the Carolinas with her sexy husband and cherished family. A rebel with many causes, she fancies black leather, dirty jokes, big hearts, and smart mouths.

Thrilled by a flipped gender script and ticked off by women portrayed as weak, she noticed how many steamy, sexy heroines were missing, particularly from romance pages. 

Her friends shared the same frustration and told her to practice what she has taught for over twenty years—women who kick ass. 

Dedicated to writing books featuring characters we champion and love—ones with shameless heat, brave hearts, and whip-smart minds—she's most likely at her keyboard putting the next story on the page for you right now.


When and how did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Since I was in third grade. I went the academic route for thirty years. Now I'm back to the fiction I love.

Did you have any influencing writers growing up?

Charlotte's Web was my favorite childhood book. (I named my first heroine "Charlotte/Charlie"). 

Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird) inspires me as a southern writer. 

Nowadays, there are so many contemporary romance authors I love. I truly can't name them all. I'm just so thankful for them.

Are any of your characters based on people in real life?

Somewhat. I do a lot of research for my books. Particularly for my FCs who work in security. 

It's rare to find women in the profession so I've interviewed a lot of them to give the characters validity and respect.

Where do you draw your book inspirations from?

Mainly music. But really, everywhere. 

Do you use have a basic outline when starting a new story or do you let the characters lead the way?

The outline is in my head. 

Sometimes I write it down. But it's like a movie that's already been filmed. I just start writing what I can already imagine.

When you are picturing the characters in your book, do you have a cheater photo for inspiration?

All the time. I have a photo wall in front of me. Character inspirations I get on social media. I'm like a sponge.

Many people read as a form of escape and relaxation.  What is your favorite way to sit back and relax?

Reading steamy, romance novels. Preferably with smart/strong FCs. I can't stand it when author's write weak women.

Who are your favorite current authors to read?

Eeeek. There are too many. Can I shout out the ones who have been so kind and shown me some support (big and small)? 

They are: Pam Godwin, Claire Contreras, Willow Winters, JA Low, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Jennilynn Wyer and more!

What are your favorite books by others?

Thankfully, too many to name. 

My most recent series binge as Sara Cate and I love her work. 

Do the locations in the stories have any meaning to you?


I mainly feature stories in the Lowcountry (South Carolina and Georgia). The area is near my home and naturally sultry yet dark and mysterious.

Do you write in single or multiple POV?


What do you find to be your best research tool?


Do you write under a pen name?  Also, do you write under more than one


What genre do you write and why is this your preference?

Steamy romantic suspense - It lets me write women who are fearless, in life and in bed.

Tell me something about yourself outside of writing.  Jobs, accomplishments, family, quirky trait...what led to you being you?


But one time I gave a speech for Gloria Steinem (the famous feminist). She had laryngitis and sat beside me while I read it in front of a huge crowd. I remember her words, that she was never "passing her torch." Instead, she said she lights the torch of others. I loved that. To believe that at no matter what age, we're not "done."

What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

To actually do it. 

Don't wait for permission to fulfill your dreams.

How do you deal and process negative book reviews?

I expect them. And some, I actually listen to and learn from. 

Others, I'm old enough to know they're just not my readers.

What is the most difficult part of your writing process?

How isolating it can be sometimes.

What do you need in your writer’s space to keep you focused?


What is your naughty indulgence as you are writing?

Sexy music

If you could spend a day with another popular author, whom would you
choose? And why?

Too many to chose

What is your schedule like when you are writing? Do you have a favorite
writing snack or drink?


Do you listen to music when you write – what kind of music is your favorite?

Yes. All music

Have pets ever gotten in the way of your writing?

No. I'm allergic.

What is your kryptonite as a writer? What totally puts you off your game?

Hearing people talking.

Have you ever killed off a character that your readers loved?


How do you celebrate after typing THE END?

I take a picture of me uploading it.

I hope you enjoyed this interview!

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