Monday, October 24, 2022

REVIEW - STAY FROSTY by Jessika Klide

Bella Rayne has been in hiding for years running away from Texas to San Diego.  What safer place to hide than the home of the Navy SEALS?

She changed her name and was able to train as a trauma nurse and loved her job, but on days like today she was in her favorite place to relieve stress...a barstool at Suds After BUD/S bar.  

She looks up when she hears the celebration at the pool table.  Who could blame her they were all flat out gorgeous.  Most looked to be around her age, but the one they kept calling FNG didn't look old enough to serve let alone be a SEAL.

The bartender, Mick made the comment 'oh, to be twenty-one again' she told him she would have avoided men and focused totally on her career.  Maybe then she would have avoided evil.

The next thing she knows the youngest SEAL is sitting next to her and manages a move that has her between his legs and before she realizes what has happened she is being serenaded by a bunch of SEALs as if they were in Top Gun.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book has all the feels.  It may be a short story, but it is full of action, suspense and danger that will have you turning the pages.

This is a reverse age-gap romance.  Bella is struck by Jedi's charm and throws off her reservations and decides that having a one-night stand with a younger man might be just what she needs.  Especially one who is as good-looking as he is.

Jedi is always up for a good time, but Bella makes him start thinking about things he's never thought about relationships.

If you haven't read Jessika Klide then you are missing out!  Highly recommend!


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