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Patricia Biltman had changed her name and with the help of Helping Hands, she has a new identity as she ran with her two children and is now hiding from her abusive husband under the new name Trish Nelson.  

After 2 years she had finally stopped looking over her shoulder worried she would get yelled at for hanging a towel over the oven handle, letting dishes dry in the dish rack or didn't immediately take clothes out of the dryer so she could play with her kids Nate and Katie.

When she hears the knock on her door after 9 the fear sets in until she sees it's her best friend Beth.  When she sees the huge ring on Beth's finger she is concerned that she is moving to Boston since Marc had accepted an announcer job and not just because she would miss her she was also her children's babysitter.

But Beth just needed her to help plan a wedding in three weeks.  A very public wedding to a famous baseball star and the daughter of possibly the next Vice President.  But Beth assures her she will be behind the scenes and not in any photos.

Grant Evans was very uncomfortable in his tux.  He was a worn jeans and flannel type of guy and Beth was lucky he put it on.  He also hated weddings and avoided them at all costs after his own disaster of a marriage.  But he couldn't bow out of his sister's wedding as much as he wanted to.

His eyes again find the woman who has grabbed his attention since he saw her playing the piano during the ceremony.  She kept in the shadows and seemed to have avoided everyone and somehow managed to not attend the rehearsal dinner which Beth insisted everyone attend.  

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is book two of the Becoming an Evans series and although it can be read as a standalone novel I highly recommend that you read this series in order as the characters are recurring and very involved in each other's lives.  Very involved lol.

This has to be my favorite family of all time.  The banter between these family members and their drop everything no matter where they are in the world to be there for each other is amazing.  Although there is a vast amount of characters in this series, it is not overwhelming it just makes you feel more at home.

This story is action-packed, full of danger and intrigue and totally smoking hot.  Highly recommend this series and if you haven't read Jenni Bara she needs to be your next one-click author.

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