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Walking into Kelsey's house in New York brought back so many memories.  Ashley had always wished to have parents like Kelsey's...affectionate and loving.  She may have grown up with money but her parents had never wanted her and she spent the majority of her childhood alone with nannies.

As soon as she graduated from high school she left for California and Stanford to put as much distance between her parents as she could to prove that she could survive on her own.  

They are sitting by the pool talking when Ashley goes inside to get them both another beer.  As soon as she approaches the garage where the drink frig was located she hears a drill and knows who it is without even opening the door.  Kelsey's twin brother Kacey.  

She hasn't seen him since he picked them up from prom after both their dates had deserted them.  The rage on his face when he heard what the guys had done to her and Kelsey melted her heart and she had been crushing on him since.

She is in shock when he comes up behind her and he tells her he wants a chance, but she tells him would never work for so many reasons.

Five years have passed and she looks up nervously at the biggest ship ever and all she can think of is Titanic.  Kelsey got them a killer deal but every time Ashley questions her she has a look of guilt.  She also neglected to mention it was a singles cruise.

Her brow crinkles when she sees one chair and a queen-sized bed in their cabin.  Kelsey reads her mind and says it's all they could get the last minute.  Just what she wants.  Kelsey not only talks in her sleep, but she is also a kicker...not the vacation Ashley was hoping for.

A knock at the door makes things become clear when Kelsey opens the door to Kacey.  Kacey...who told her five years ago he would change her mind.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Ashley has major abandonment issues and even though she has been in love with Kacey since childhood all she can see is another person that leaves her.

This book is action-packed, full of angst and smoking hot.  Although all the books in the series are standalone we again meet Gertrude and her questionable cane and teasers that have you trying to guess who is next 'on board' for a story.  

The is the first book I have read by SA Clayton and I will definitely be reading more.  The characters are totally engaging and someone you would love spending time with.  I love the sibling relationship where they love each other even as they want to choke them.  Highly recommend.

RUIN THE FRIENDSHIP is book four of the multi-author series LOVE AT SEA

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