Thursday, October 13, 2022

REVIEW - TAG by S. Nelson

Tag had an unconventional way of joining the Knights Corruption MC Club.  Because of his father, Tag was tortured and almost killed until Sully begged her husband Kaden to make him a prospect.  So he was given a choice...comply and join the club or die.

He was already wanting the next three months to be over so he could be back home with men who were now his brothers.  His fiance was helping open a new gallery in Texas and he wasn't letting her move there on her own even for that short distance in time.  Although the local chapter had helped them out when they were at war he wasn't sure what his reception would be like.

Morgan had yet to tell her overprotective and sometimes jealous fiance that her boss had left the gallery to go out on her own and handed the curator position to her nephew who she would meet for the first time on Monday.  She had never met the nephew and hoped that Tag would be on his best behavior when finding out she would be working long hours with a man.

I totally enjoyed this book.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is the first time I have read anything by S. Nelson and I loved how not everything revolved around the MC Club.  Morgan worked in an art gallery and I loved how her whole life wasn't entrenched in the MC lifestyle.

I love Tag.  Who doesn't love a sexy guy on a motorcycle?  I was unable to put this story down once I started.  This book is full of angst, danger, suspense and smoking-hot chemistry and has a perfect lead-in to the next character in the series.

Looking forward to continuing this series!


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