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Zoey Anderson is sitting in a make-up trailer in the middle of the Louisiana Bayou thinking it's going to be a miracle if the hair and makeup crew can make her and her sister Anna's hair and makeup stand up to the sweltering heat and pouring rain.

It doesn't matter as much for her as she is Meghan Marconi's stunt double and her high-speed car chases, jumping and physical combat scenes aren't as important appearance wise wherein her sister Anna is Meghan's stand-in and frizzy hair just won't cut it.

As she is looking out at the storm, Anna receives a call from her husband Mike and is upset that he is once again backing out of plans.  This time a cruise to celebrate their fifth anniversary.  Ann is sure he is cheating and is determined to catch him in the act so she talks Zoey into going of the cruise in her place posting photos so her husband doesn't know she isn't actually on the ship.

Sebastian is sitting in Mike Bryson's massive office at Ulla Beauty for an interview to take over their anti-fraud team.  With several hundred stores throughout the country, it is the challenge he has been looking for.  He left military intelligence to start his own PI firm to help take care of his grandmother, but now that she doesn't need constant care he is getting tired of dealing with cheating spouses.  Ready to start a new career path.

Only Mike wants him to take on one last PI job.  Go on a 7-day all-expenses-paid cruise and follow his wife who decided to go on their anniversary cruise without him.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Gertrude makes another appearance with her questionable cane.  This woman is hilarious and I love how each of the authors in this series has built into this woman's character.

This book is laugh-out-loud funny.  There are misunderstandings and false information everywhere as Zoey tries to help her sister with her marital problems.  Zoey and Sebastian both have strong feelings about cheating spouses and it is too funny how confused they are during their interactions.  I love the other books so far in this series, but the angst in Sick of this Ship will keep you laughing and turning the pages.

This book is action-packed from page one, full of angst and smoking hot chemistry.  Looking forward to reading more by Mari Sol and also looking forward to seeing what the other authors in this series have in store regarding Gertrude and her antics.

SICK OF THIS SHIP is book three of the LOVE AT SEA multi-author Series!

Start reading SICK OF THIS SHIP today!
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Start reading the LOVE AT SEA Series today!
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