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Sean Arista was one of the five owners of Echelon Protection a private security company.  And standing on the courthouse steps is not what he had intended when he left the Marines.  He may have been a JAG officer, but he had spent as much time as he could out in the trenches.

But here he is standing in front of the courthouse questioning his best friend's sanity.  Marcus received a call from an Air Force buddy and he volunteered Sean to represent this man's friend at his arraignment.  He had to try to convince the Judge that a landscaper from Texas who was part of an MC Club on a drug trafficking charge wasn't a flight risk.

As he is waiting for his case to be called he sees a stunning woman heading toward the DA.  He didn't get a good glance before she turned away in fear, but the woman looked familiar.

Liv had finally gathered the evidence she needed to see Luis Soto pay for the death of her sister.  She had caught him on video accepting drugs in exchange for killing someone. But her evidence also showed that the majority of the cops were corrupt and working for the Soto Cartel.  

She needed to figure out who to trust with the evidence so it didn't get conveniently lost as all the evidence from his trial in her sister's murder had been.  As she is sitting on a bench outside the meeting rooms she hears a familiar voice and looks up in shock.  Exiting from one of the rooms is a man that she had fantasized about for years when he dated her sister, but who she hasn't heard of in ten years after he found her sister was cheating on him while away serving the country.

I absolutely loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This may be a novella as part of the Lawyered Up anthology, but you would never know it was a short story with all the action contained within the covers.

Liv grew up with a drugged-up mother and tried to help a sister who was fighting the same addiction.  She has spent the last few years doing everything she could in order to get vengeance for her sister's death.  When she finds out that the drug deal she videoed was related to Sean's case she begs for his help although Sean's take-command personality gives her a few issues.

For those who have read Ann's Dark Sons MC series, you know that her characters and storylines will have you hooked from word one.  This book doesn't disappoint.  It is action-packed, full of danger and suspense and smoking hot chemistry.

Can't wait to see what she has in store for us next with the other guys at Echelon!  Highly recommend!

LIV'S APPEAL is part of the LAWYERED UP Anthology collection and releases on October 15th!

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