Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Ian Beckett was distracted from the football sailing by his head by the girl walking near the field.  Her hair was almost white with a black strip near her forehead.  She was a poster girl in her Volclain Academy uniform.  A poster he wished was on the wall in his bedroom.

But, then he watches in horror when he realizes who she is heading towards.  He takes off running hoping to intercept Finn Berkshire who is also heading her way.  She doesn't realize the war she has just walked into or that she has picked the wrong side.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  I love Ian and Harlow and all of the secondary characters - Chase, Archie, Everett, Molly and Raven.  And there are definitely those who you hate - Finn, Aurora and her gang.

Ian is the King of Volclain Academy and Quarterback.  Ian knew he was a class A jerk, but didn't care, but he had claimed Harlow as his the first day of school and he was bound to follow The Rules no matter how much he wished otherwise.

Harlow is determined to be Molly's friend no matter how much torture the bullies of Volcain Academy decided to dish out.  She will not let them win.

This book is action packed from page one!  This dark romance is full of triggers - violence, bullying, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, grief & PTSD.  If you want a steamy hot antihero romance this is definitely the book for you.  Jordan Grant gives you a book full of danger, intrigue and smoking hot chemistry.  

This book is narrated by Lula Larkin and she was amazing!  You forget that it is a woman narrating when Ian's POV is given she does such a wonderful job doing a male narrative.  

I had read this series previously and Lula Larkin really brought these characters and this story to life!  Highly recommend this narrator and this series!


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