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COVER REVEAL - DAGGER by Roux Cantrell


Dagger by Roux Cantrell

Genre: Contemporary Romance | MC
Cover designer: Poole Publishing LLC

Release Date: October 6

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Random postcards – Broken hearts– a game with an explosive ending

Dagger had never been an impetuous man until he met a feisty brunette during an exercise for his security job. After what was supposed to be one night of fun turned into a broken heart. Daggers on a mission to give a little of that heartache back. He had wanted to cherish hers instead she left him behind. Or did she …

Bethany closed her eyes thinking of how foolish she had been. A security expert ...right. It was probably a game he and his friends were playing, and she was the patsy. Being a romance writer, she put all her heartache in her stories and book sales have been better since her heart got ripped to shreds. No more HEA for her characters nope. Not a one...

A series of random post cards from different location have been driving her crazy. Smudged words saying “meet me in Venice” are barely legible, call her a fool but Bethany’s heading to Venice to end the charade once and for all.

He had wanted to cherish hers instead she left him behind. It’s a new game and Dagger is making all the rules. If he, has it his way Bethany will find herself in Venice face to face with her past.

Author Bio:

Lover of Chocolate, martinis, and shoes …

Roux Cantrell resides in a quaint college town on the north shore of New Orleans with her husband and her Hemmingway cat named Monster. 

She loves all things Halloween and throws a hell of an over-the-top party every year.

Her love of writing started in school when an unwilling Roux was forced by an English teacher to read an urban fantasy. She became hooked on books after that.

If your fast enough to catch up with her she is always up for a chat.

“Within every mind there is a place to travel. You just have to be willing to take the trip.”

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