Friday, September 23, 2022

REVIEW - MARKED by Rebecca Barber

Every weekend Logan cringed at the new and creative ways this woman wrote about his performance on the field the night before.  He wished he knew who she was and what he had done to piss her off so badly that she singled him out and continually busted his balls on her online blog.

His roommate Bryce had just shown him her latest post and was now determined to have him join him and their teammates Jack and Nick for a night out at Utopia.  He wasn't in the mood for socializing, but it would take his mind off "T" and her blog.

Logan found the perfect time to escape and go home when his buddies hooked up with some girls, but as he was heading for the door he crashed into a small woman causing her to spill her drink down the front of his shirt.  Looking down at the beautiful woman he decided maybe he should stay after all...he did owe her a drink.

Tasha was not having a great time.  She had only let her best friend Giselle drag her out to Utopia to party when she had shown up at her door angry and upset because she had found her now ex-boyfriend cheating on her with a neighbor.

Now her expensive drink is history after a man practically ran her over.  When she looks up at the massive gorgeous man who is keeping her from falling it is the last man in this town she wanted to see.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is the first time that I have read anything by Rebecca Barber and I could tell from her language that she wasn't an American author, but when she started talking about football but the guys were wearing shorts...I thought they were soccer players.  

But, then I started scratching my head because no they were playing football.  WOW!  I had no clue there was a totally different football sport...Australian football.  Google is a great friend lol and wow these men are tough.  Forget American football helmets, calf-length pants and padding - these men wear shorts, no helmet and no pads!  I want to go to Australia now and watch a football game!!!

This book is action-packed from page one, full of angst, suspense and smoking hot chemistry.  Tash has a sassy attitude that keeps Logan on his feet, but she is hiding the truth about who she really is.  Neither of them was looking for a relationship, but when Logan learns the truth the fireworks really begin.

This book will keep you laughing and turning the pages waiting to see when Tash's secret life gets exposed.  Highly recommend this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series!

MARKED is book one of the PLAYING GAMES Series

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