Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Three men seeking war and vengeance against Angelo Agnello.  They have been waiting twenty years and they stole his greatest prize...his virgin daughter.  The Mute Princess.

One man who had been bought by Agnello when he was just a child from a human trafficker.  One who was forced to work in a brothel at the age of thirteen.  One who was forced to fight in cage matches to pay off his ex-wife's debt only to find out that the lying b... had been cheating on him with Agnello and he helped her disappear with his twin sons.

Their original plan was to use his daughter as a pawn to start a war and take everything from the don until all that was left was his life...and they planned to make his death long and tortuous.

But their plans have changed...they would die before harming her and kill anyone who tried.  They were keeping her...forever.

This book just blew book one of this trilogy out of the water!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Catalina...the girl who didn't speak a word for thirteen years after watching her father murder her mother when she was nine years old.  Catalina...the girl who never wanted to leave the gilded cage she now found herself in.

She was Damien's pet, Mikhail's kitten and Nikolay's princess.  She had never felt so treasured as they hand fed her, bathed her and met her every need.

This book is even more action-packed than book one.  The danger, intrigue and suspense just keep drawing you deeper into this series of twists and turns and I was unable to book it down.  Catalina not only found confidence in her sexuality...she found her voice.  She would only speak to her three monsters...but they were her monsters.

Mysteries will unfold that will only lead you seeking more answers.  This may be a dark mafia romance, but boy did I laugh at the lengths these men would go to please Catalina.  If you want a highly erotic reverse harem mafia story don't go any further...and WOW...what a cliffhanger!  This is a three book series that must be read in order!

MADE IN VENGEANCE is book two of the MEN OF WRATH Trilogy!

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Start the MEN OF WRATH Trilogy today!
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