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Aurelia and her sister Septima decided to play a game of hide in seek in the forest with Aurelia's pet tiger Kano after getting tired of sparring with their brother Amadeus.

Aurelia had been told that her crimson hair had been a gift of Vena and like her, she loved to spar and learning to weld weapons which was forbidden in their society.  Women were not to make a man feel weak in her presence, but you never knew when such skills would be helpful and so she and her sister practiced with their older brother in secret.

At twenty-one Aurelia knew she would have to marry soon, but she would much rather be a warrior.  Her sister Septima just wanted adventure and she refused to be married to a male and marrying a woman was strictly forbidden in Vacros.

When they are returning to the villa they look up when Kano growls deep in his throat.  Her father is standing in the foyer with two strange men.  Their father demanded that they clean up immediately and come down for dinner to get to know their future husbands.

Septima refuses to marry a man and tells Aurelia she has to leave and Aurelia says she will go with her.  So they pack what they can carry, forage the kitchen for some food, fling their swords over their shoulders and head for the Howling Forest looking for adventure.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Aurelia and Septima were looking for adventure but in their wildest dreams never expected to find themselves in the realm of the fae and join women phoenix's in a war to save the human realm.

This book is action-packed from word one.  They are immersed in the middle of a dangerous war in this magical world of fae shifters.  This story is full of twists and turns and unexpected revelations.  Expect a cliffhanger, but the story is well worth it.  Looking forward to the conclusion of this duet.

This audiobook is narrated by the amazing Teena Scott who does another amazing job depicting all of these wonderful characters and the danger they are facing.

This is the first CA Varian book and I will definitely be looking for more.  Her characters are fully developed and the plot grips and holds you throughout this wonderful story.  Highly recommend!


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