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Mafia Lust, an all-new smoking hot forbidden romance from bestselling author L. Steele is available now!

He's my boyfriend's father, also my boss, and totally off limits...

JJ Kane. Billionaire CEO. Ruthless villain. Supposed boss of the underworld.
The first time I set eyes on him I hated him with a visceral intensity that took me by surprise.

Considering he gave me a roof over my head when I had nowhere else to go, I should be grateful.

Instead, I can’t seem to stop baiting him.

He's also my boyfriend’s father. Twenty-six years older than me.

And strictly off limits.

He goes out of his way to avoid me, treats me like I don’t exist... also gives me a job in his office, and protects me from my boyfriend's anger.

Now he’s also my boss, so I definitely can’t afford to antagonize him.

Yet we can’t seem to stop fighting every time we meet.

That is until he kisses me...

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"Okay, Daddy," I murmur. There it is. I said it aloud. There’s no going back now. But damn if I care anymore.

His nostrils flare. His dark gaze grows intense. He lowers to his knees and glares into my features. "What did you say?"

"You heard me." I toss my hair over my shoulder. "You’re the one making moves on your son’s girlfriend, I hope your conscience can cope with that."

"You’re the one who can’t look at me without blushing, who shuffles her feet and can’t stop twitching her butt whenever she’s in my vicinity."

"Hey, don’t blame your stalker tendencies on me."

He stiffens, then draws himself up to his full height. "Are you implying I’m watching you?"

"Aren’t you?"

"I haven’t seen you in three days."

"The very fact that you went out of your way to avoid me is another sign that you feel an affinity for me."

"I’m not sure I’d call it an affinity; more like an itch I need to scratch."

I gape at him. "Seriously? Did you just say that to my face?"

"Best to be up-front about what this is. Explosive chemistry. Nevertheless, it’s only a physical attraction. If we fuck it out of our systems, we can both move on."

"A-n-d, I can’t believe you’d stoop low enough to proposition your son’s girlfriend."

"At least I am being up-front about what I want. I’m not the one lying to myself and those around me."

"I’m not going to stay here and listen to you insult me. I—"

I begin to rise to my feet, but he firms his lips. "Sit down, Lena."

Meet L. Steele

L. Steele loves to write romance novels featuring dangerous men and feisty women. 
She enjoys trading trivia with her filmmaker husband, watching lots and lots of movies, and walking nature trails. She lives with her family in London.

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