Friday, September 9, 2022


It was all lies...the reason she had come to Pandemonium Academy the elite school for magical creatures and humans alike was to take revenge on four boys.  Boys that her cousin Lia had written about in her diary.

Mia (Madeline Mina was her real name) had bought forged papers and a place in Pandemonium Academy and took the opportunity to escape from her life in the Church of Angels.  She was found as a baby on their steps and had been adopted, but she slept in the basement and worked until her hands bled and they found many opportunities to punish her for sins she didn't know had been committed.

Her only contact with the outside world was her cousin Ophelia who told her exciting stories of her life at Pandemonium Academy.  But then Lia was found in an enchanted sleep and the rumor was that she had committed suicide.  When Mia found her diary she read about the four boys who had bullied her to the point of despair.

But it was all lies...Lia was really Aurora and a witch.  Something that she had been raised to hate being taught that all magical creatures had parts of the demons that created them.  Lia's diary was a lie...these boys, who she has fallen in love with, boys that have protected her from the moment she walked through the doors, didn't do the things in the diary.  Oh, and Lia wasn't even dead.

Lia was at Pandemonium Academy claiming to be the Queen Witch and there to claim her four conduits to come into her full powers.  And the biggest lie...evidently Mia wasn't human after all and was a witch with magic.  But how was she going to stop Aurora and save the boys she loved when she didn't know how her magic worked?  Everything was just so confusing...was anything she had been taught true?

This series just keeps getting better and better!  It is very well written and draws you in so you can't put down the book.  The characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book cannot be read as a need to start at book one to understand these characters and the basis of the story.  So expect cliffhangers.

This reverse harem romance is action-packed from word one, steamy hot with MM & MFM sexual scenes, full of suspense and intrigue and tons of danger.  I can't wait to see how Mia comes into her own and retrieves what belongs to her.

Highly recommend this series!  Mona Black has woven an amazing story of intrigue, danger and romance full of vampires, fae, werewolves and demons.  You will not want to miss out of this series!


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