Monday, September 12, 2022



A Limited-Edition New Adult Collection

A Multi Author Anthology

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Also available in Paperback:

Things that go bump in the night are only the beginning. This Halloween, prepare to be entertained by 10 tales of the season. A little intrigue, maybe a slight fright, but a happy for now by the end of the night. 

A diverse collection of Halloween tales by:

Beautiful Nightmare by Cara North

Unseen by MK Mancos

Unheard Victims By Sofia Ann Hoffman

Hallowed Crush by Kelly Violet

The Rider by Rebekah Lewis

Don't Lose Your Head by Hannah Conrad

Gifted by Laurie Treacy

Carnival Games by Pamela Gail

Tethering Through Time by Renee D. Pelligrino

Sinners or Saints by Alys Fraser

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