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Catalina was nine and the house was unusually quiet.  There were always men visiting her that her mother hid her from.  Her dad wasn't a nice man, but her mother told her they had to respect him.  As she was returning from the bathroom downstairs since the one upstairs was unusable since her father had rammed a man's head through the toilet, she noticed the lights were on in her father’s office and heard a noise behind the door.

When she peeked through the crack her mother was on her knees crying as her father kicked her telling her how useless she was.  Catalina was frozen and closed her eyes to stop seeing her mother being beaten, but reopened them when the crying stopped.  Her mother was lying on the floor with her face covered in blood.  Then she watched in horror as her father pulled the trigger of the gun that was pointed at her mother.

Thirteen years have gone by since that horrible night.  Thirteen years in which she has spoken not one word.  And she became known as the Mute Princess.

She is now twenty-two and her father has demanded that she dress nicely as there was someone coming to dinner that night to meet her.  His father's mistress came to her room with a gift box saying her father demanded she wears the contents beneath her dress.  She opens the box to stare in horror at the see-through lingerie and knows there is only one reason for such a demand.

When she enters the dining room she finds a man older than her father who leers at her when her father strips her of her clothes.  When she cringes from his touch he tells her father that he understood her to be broken and didn't have the time to train her.  Her father lashed out at her in rage kicking her as she lay practically naked on the dining room floor.

When her father and his guest left the house the butler helped her up to her room and started gathering items she didn't know were even in her room...promising her that he would get her out of the house that night to begin a new life away from the monster that was her father.

Catalina had only been on her own for one night before she was kidnapped from a diner parking lot.  Kidnapped by three men portrayed as being even more monstrous than her father.  Three men who planned on using her as a pawn in their vengeance against her father.

I absolutely loved this book!!!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This reverse harem mafia romance is told from the POV of Catalina, Damien, Mikhail and Nikolay.  She may have been their prisoner, but they treasured her. 

Catalina had been abused by her monstrous don father and went from one gilded prison to another.  This line represents the story for me - "They were monsters and they should act like it." Instead, they fed her by hand, bathed her and protected her.  The only time that Catalina had been outside of her home was in the presence of her father when he wanted to show off his 'greatest prize'...his Mute Princess.  

Catalina started to find her voice and get some power back when she realized these three monsters were her protection from the other monsters out there.

These men...Damien, Mikhail and Nicolay...if I were to be kidnapped I would hope it would be by someone obsessed with me...taking care of every need...I know, totally depraved, but if you have to be kidnapped....

This is a very dark romance which contains physical abuse, non/questionable consent, and other triggers.  It is action-packed from page one keeping you turning the pages.  It is full of danger, suspense, intrigue and highly erotic.  If you love reading dark romance you will absolutely love this story.  Prepare for a cliffhanger, but well worth the read.

BORN IN DEPRAVITY is book one of the MEN OF WRATH Trilogy!

Start reading BORN IN DEPRAVITY today!
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Start the MEN OF WRATH Trilogy today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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