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Stateside Doms a multi-author series - Book Eleven

Published by Red Hot Romance

Release Date:  September 23, 2022

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Every little girl dreams of their wedding day...

And Harper is no exception. Reading about her engagement in the paper after her father arranged the whole thing behind her back, however, was never a part of her fantasies. Now she’s on the run, and thanks to a string of bad luck, she’s stranded on some ranch with nobody but the sinfully hot, imposing owner for company. And the second she doesn’t go along with his demands, she finds herself face down over his lap with her bare bottom on fire. She should probably hate him for it, but her body doesn’t seem to agree, and his discipline only makes her want him more.

But her father isn’t going to let her get away quite so easily, and soon she's faced with a decision that will decide the course of her entire future.

Because one way or another, Harper Galanos is getting married...


“Harper, take your wet things off. I said you weren’t leaving tonight. Did you look at that snow?”

His voice had firmed, and he levelled a heavy frown at her. Again, the naughty girl sensation sent a wave of nausea through her belly. Her hand touched her midriff to settle the ripple of unease. She forced herself to be just as severe as he had been.

She put her hands on her hips and announced, “Yes, which is why I can’t waste any more time standing here arguing with you. Open the gate so I can get to town.”

He murmured something she didn’t catch and if she wasn’t mistaken, his lips twitched. He better not be laughing. Jerk. His sigh was loud.

“Harper, listen to me. The forecast is for three feet of snow. Three. Feet. I’d say we have about six inches of it now, which might not seem like a lot, but it is when you try to drive in it with limited visibility. Which is due to the darkness, an unfamiliar and unplowed road, and the worsening weather conditions. I would be allowing you to commit suicide by going out on those roads tonight. As soon as the weather has cleared and the roads are drivable, you can go on to Aimee’s but not before. Understood?”

He finished with his brow lifted and his arms, once again, crossed over his chest.

“But I haven’t planned for not making it to Aimee’s tonight.” Her voice sounded pleading, and that wasn’t how she had wanted it to come across. “She’s expecting me. I don’t allow people to dictate to me anymore.”

He rubbed his hands through his hair and softened his tone again. This man was confusing, nothing like the moody, self-centered, and demanding men she was used to.

“I think Mother Nature is mandating this stopover, not any person. I don’t understand what’s ‘to plan’ about staying here? You use the guest room for as long as you need to. No one is here, so you won’t be putting me or anyone else out of their bed. Besides, I doubt Amelia is waiting for you to arrive tonight. After you called her, she probably figured you’d be here overnight, at least. Then, after the weather moved in, likely longer.”

Harper was silent. She hated to be caught in a mistake.

“Harper.” There he went with the daddy voice again. “You called Aimee, right?”

“Um, I might have forgotten to call her.” She didn’t look at Wilder but rushed her next sentence. “There were too many other things that I was doing, all right? Like trying not to be killed by a stranger and then trying not to freeze to death!”

Another labored sigh. “You need a good spanking, you know that?” said Wilder. His voice was calm, but his frustration was evident. “I’m still debating. But I guarantee if you keep this up, I’ll give you one. I asked you to call her because she’d be worried. She may have been calling your phone for close to two hours. It’s a wonder that she hasn’t called me.”

Which I would have been able to answer if I didn’t lose it trying to climb out of the passenger door instead of the driver’s door because some behemoth of a man was knocking on my window, sending me to the other side of the vehicle in fear.”

“Cut the dramatics, little hot head. You didn’t have to open that door and rush out. You could have stopped to listen to me, but you chose to ignore my words, which got you waist-deep in the snow-filled ditch. You expected me, and I was identifying myself, so the fact that you don’t have your phone is all on you.”

“Instead,” she continued as though he hadn’t said anything, “I was freezing and wet, making me too cold to hold your phone well, never mind scroll to find her number. I had too many distractions, and the phone locked again.”

By this time, she had lost control and stomped her foot. Wilder looked down at her shoes which were all wrong for this weather. And if she wasn’t mistaken, he may have nearly suppressed yet another smile. Well, at least someone was entertained.

“Take those shoes off, my little hot head. They’re wet.” His steady tone infuriated her. Again.

“Hot head? Stop calling me that! I have every right to be angry. I want to leave. I’m leaving.”  Wilder’s response to her announcement was to walk to the kitchen door. Harper heard the unmistakable click of the deadbolt and watched as Wilder set his phone on the counter.


USA Today Best Selling Author of realistic, sensual romance with a touch of suspense. A dyed in the wool Texan living in the splendor of Alaska most of her life, Alyssa now divides her time between the beauty of SE Alaska and the piney woods of East Texas. She enjoys taking from her own experiences to create series in realistic locations to tease the reader’s palate and invite them to sink into exciting adventures. 

Alyssa enjoys writing consensual power exchanges between intelligent, sassy women who are not afraid to make a stand and loving men confident enough to give his woman space but masterful enough to keep her safe and content. There is always a happily ever after.








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