Saturday, September 24, 2022

REVIEW - PLAYED by Rebecca Barber

Bryce was running late getting to the restaurant and the crowded alleyway wasn't getting him there any faster.  The food may be good but it was too crowded and way too noisy even before hearing the bloody screams of a baby, his mood improved when he sees her in a booth in the back.  

He kisses her on the cheek being unable to stop from pulling Logan's chain as he greets his girlfriend Tash asking if she was ready to trade up.  Logan just growled at him.  He missed them since he had been traded to Adelaide.

After dirty dancing with Tash at Utopia, Logan threw her over his shoulder and left the dance floor and Bryce realized he wanted what Logan had...someone that was there for him and had your back...someone to bicker and fight with...and then has amazing makeup sex with.

Emma was so over her rotten day and the woman in front of her was on her last nerve.  She had just landed after plane delays and now the baggage claim is closed for the night.  Her luggage was somewhere between Sydney and Melbourne and she wasn't getting it anytime soon.

She was meeting her best friends Vanessa, Sienna and Jessie for a weekend of fun and they were calling wondering why she hadn't met them at the club yet.  She had been so looking forward to their annual weekend getaway full of shopping, cocktails, brunches, gossiping...and more cocktails, but now she only wanted a hot shower and a bed.

After dealing with the obnoxious woman at the hotel front desk she is finally in her room and heading for the much needed shower.  Only when she climbs naked into bed she finds it is already occupied with the hottest guy she has ever laid eyes on.  The snarly receptionist had given her the wrong room key.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Although this is a standalone novel and has it's own HEA, I highly recommend you start with book one in the series as the characters are recurring and have a major part in Bryce and Emma's story.

Emma is a horticulturist and Bryce is a football player that wasn't looking for a relationship, but they couldn't get the other out of their mind after she had landed naked in his bed.  I loved the tug and pull of Emma and Bryce's relationship.  Neither wanted a relationship, but both were upset when they felt they were being ignored or ghosted.  But, when they were in the same city boy did the sexual chemistry fly.

Don't be eating or drinking when you meet Bryce's parents lol.  They are hilarious!  This book is action-packed, full of angst, great friendships and steamy hot from page one and you won't be able to put it down.  Highly recommend this book and series and look forward to reading more books by Rebecca Barber in the future!

PLAYED is book two of the PLAYING GAMES Series

Start reading PLAYED today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Start reading the PLAYING GAMES Series today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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