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Love Me 'Til the End


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Love Me 'Til the End is part of Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine!


What is the sub-genre and trope?  Did your characters lead you to this genre or was that decided before the story began?

It’s sport romance. The characters didn’t led me to this genre. I had the genre picked out before I wrote the story.


Are you more character or plot driven?

I’m a little bit of both. Like I love to see my character grow and see them change, however I love the plot of the story and have reader try to figure out what happens. But based on the books it depends which one I do more of.


With many main and secondary characters, how do you keep them separated in your mind?  Do you have a story/vision board above your workspace?

Typical I have the name and their relationship to main characters or what their purpose are written down. 

I normally really don’t confuse my characters at all. As I’m writing the story, I do add certain things into a vision board.


I know from previous interviews that characters take on a life of their own.  Were any of the characters in this series determined to take their own direction instead of where you initially wanted them to go?

Yes, I had a secondary character who was supposed to be just supposed to be a small part of Isabella’s story. As I was probably 5 chapter in, not only did he change his part of this story, but he also demanded his own story. 

So, this one book series has now turn into 5 book series.


Are any of the male POVs based on anyone you know?

Male POV’s I do have some character that are. They are not 100% based on them. As I was writing it, I wasn’t intended for them to be based on them.


Are any of the female POVs based on anyone you know?

Yes the female POV’s are typically based on my friends or me. There are some things that I do add to the female’s that are not what me or my friends do or are like.


Was there any one character/scene that was harder to write about than the other?

Honestly yes, the ending. 

Like yes, I knew where I wanted the ending however I didn’t want the ending to be a twist and yes, the ending was not something nobody will not see coming. I didn’t even think of this ending until I was writing it. It took a couple days to finally write the ending as I was trying to go a different way.


What is your favorite book in the series?

As right now I currently writing the 2nd book that will after this book, Love Me Til The End after the anthology comes out. 

I had no plan for this to be series but as writing it come to be a series. So, book two is Isabella’s brother book. It’s a MM romance.


I know that we aren’t supposed to have “favorites” as far as our children, but seriously, who’s your favorite character and why?

As I was writing this series, it would have to be Taylor. Taylor is in a bit of book 1 but his story is more in book 2. 

He shows the strong character and shows the love of his friends and family. Taylor shows you should be who you are no matter what.


Series question - Who is your favorite couple and why did you decide on their dynamics?

My favorite couples are Isabella. Without giving too much away from the ending, I love the couple that Isabella is with is because she is finding her happily ever after. She finds herself. She compassionate. She loves herself. Isabella never thought love was for her, and towards the end, Isabella finally found herself and what was her missing pieces.


How do you get inside these character’s heads to find their perfect HEA?

Finding the character’s happily ever after is actually normally I listen to music or think of different scenarios in my life that I can use to make their HEA. 

There are times that I have an idea but as I’m writing the characters what me to go and change their ending.


What scene in this book/series sticks out the most for you?  Why?

The scene that sticks out to me the most in this book would be the ending. 

While writing the ending I had an ending I was thinking was the end, but then the characters had me write an ending that I least expected me to write.


Series - Were any of the books harder to write than others?

Book 1 Love Me ‘Til The End wasn’t the hardest for me. 

But the book 2 that I’m writing has a little bit difficult considering it’s a MM romance and I want to do MM justice and make it worth the read.


This question is if you write in MULTIPLE POVs not just the hero and heroine - I love the multiple POVs in a book.  It’s not just the hero and heroine, but we get inside the heads of multiple characters throughout this series.  I feel that it gives the story further depth.  Do you think you will write another book or series following this multiple POV outline? (if applicable)

I have multiple POVs besides the hero and heroine in my book 2. 

I believe I would have another series with multiple POVs. As right now the series that I would write multiple POVs would be my Mafia Romance series that I planned to write next year.


How long did it take you to write this book/series?

Typically a book takes me a month to two months depending on how much I have to change, and if I get writer’s block or stuck.


How did you come up with the title for your book and series?

Honestly book title and series for my books is the hardest for me. 

Right now, I’m still trying to figure out the series title of my books. I have the books titles, but series title in my opinion is harder than book titles.


If you met these characters in real life would you get along?

Honestly if I met Greyson in life


Series question – Did you know in advance that you were going to write this as a series or did one of the characters in book one demand their own story?

No, this book was only supposed to be one book Love Me ‘Til The End, but then as I was writing that Isabella’s brother want one and now this book that was supposed to be one turned into 5 book series.


If your book/series were made into a movie, which actors do you see as playing your characters?

Isabella: Camilia Mendez

Greyson: David Henrie

Santiago: Greg Sulkin

Taylor: Drew Ray Tanner


Can you give us a hint as to what we can expect next?  Whether a new book and series or a sequel to an existing series?  Can you share a small tease?

The next book that will be released about Love Me Til The End will be Santiago’s book. It will be the MM romance about Santiago and being happy with himself.

Here is a small unedited teaser from book 2 that will come out after book 1

I have been hiding from my family and myself that I am gay, except for my sister. My sister doesn’t care. My fiancĂ©e was hiding from herself that she likes girls. We tried for many months, and in the end, we finally decided to face our identity.

An identity I never wanted to face.

My life is my life. But the question is, will everyone agree with my identity.  


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Ayana is an author of poetry and sweet romance. Ayana had always had a pen and paper or a book in her hands. Ayana always had stories in her head, and she decided to get her stories on paper. When she is not reading or writing, she is at home enjoying her life with friends and family and helping authors achieve their author's goals.

Writing has always been something that Ayana enjoys doing. Ayana does not only read and write, but she also enjoys taking pictures or watching the sunsets or sunset or doing anything creative, whether it is sketching, graphics, or making videos.

Family is everything to Ayana. Blood or not. If you need Ayana, she will help you, big or small.


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Love Me 'Til The End by Ayana Lisbet
Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine

Release Date: September 13, 2022




I've always been told that love wasn’t in the cards for me. No man would ever want me for me.

But I never believed them.

After the death of my boyfriend, relationships have never measured up to what I had with him. After multiple relationship failures, I decided to banish any thoughts on love.

I’m done.

Maybe they all were right before. Maybe love was never meant to be a part of my life.


My life has always been filled with girls chasing after me for my money, fame, and my soccer body.

I always wanted a sweet girl. Someone who will settle down and be with me for me. Not just for my fame or what I can give her.

After many years of the same kind of women over and over, I finally decided enough is enough.

I want to find my one true love. The one who will love me unconditionally and do anything for me. The same as I would for her. I want a love that will stand strong through the test of time.

Will I ever be able to find her?

Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine

Promoted by:  Carxander Publishing
Cover Design:  Carter Cover Designs

Release Date: September 13, 2022



Love and Unity is a collection of steamy and sweet reads with sexy, Alpha males, and the other half of their hearts who brought them to their knees.

Included are exclusive, never-seen-before stories from popular indie authors. Inside you will find a plethora of second chance, contemporary, sports, paranormal, enemies-to-lovers, dark mafia, royal, fantasy, forbidden, age gap, and rockstar romances.

100% of the royalties will be donated to the Ukrainian Defense Fund to help those fighting for freedom in Ukraine.

Stories included in this Anthology

Love Always Wins by Anneke Boshoff
Love Me 'Til The End by Ayana Lisbet
Dragged Out Kicking and Screaming by D.L. Howe
There All Along by Darley Collins
Life After The Storm by Havana Wilder
Jimena by Kindra White
When You Forget Me by Lorelei Johnson
The Storyteller by Louise Murchie
The Detective's Forbidden Temptation by Melony Ann
Ten Days In Heaven by Samantha Michaels

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