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THE INSIDE SCOOP - LOVE AND UNITY: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine

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Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine

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Release Date: September 13, 2022

Love and Unity is a collection of steamy and sweet reads with sexy, Alpha males, and the other half of their hearts who brought them to their knees.

Included are exclusive, never-seen-before stories from popular indie authors. Inside you will find a plethora of second chance, contemporary, sports, paranormal, enemies-to-lovers, dark mafia, royal, fantasy, forbidden, age gap, and rockstar romances.

100% of the royalties will be donated to the Ukrainian Defense Fund to help those fighting for freedom in Ukraine.


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Stories included in this Anthology

Below you will find links to my interviews with all of these amazing authors and the story behind their story!

Love Always Wins by Anneke Boshoff

INTERVIEW with Anneke Boshoff

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - Love Always Wins - Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine



Prince Alexander has always had an easy, go-lucky life. Being the second in line to the throne, he got to do all the things his brother, Prince Joseph, couldn't.

But nothing ever lasts. Just when everything in Prince Alexander’s life is going perfectly, Prince Joseph drops a bomb. Much to Alexander’s dismay, Joseph says he will be abdicating the throne for reasons he can't disclose.

Swiftly, Alexander is thrown into a world he doesn’t want. As the new Crown Prince, he must abide by centuries old rules, including the one he absolutely doesn’t want to follow.

He must find a bride.

Prince Alexander must stand tall and strong while secrets, scandals, and lies are hurled at him. When the dust settles, will his heart still be intact? Will he become the King his country deserves? Or will all of his new responsibilities be his demise?

Love Me 'Til The End by Ayana Lisbet

INTERVIEW with Ayana Lisbet

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - Love Me 'Til the End - Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine


I've always been told that love wasn’t in the cards for me. No man would ever want me for me.

But I never believed them.

After the death of my boyfriend, relationships have never measured up to what I had with him. After multiple relationship failures, I decided to banish any thoughts on love.

I’m done.

Maybe they all were right before. Maybe love was never meant to be a part of my life.

My life has always been filled with girls chasing after me for my money, fame, and my soccer body.

I always wanted a sweet girl. Someone who will settle down and be with me for me. Not just for my fame or what I can give her.

After many years of the same kind of women over and over, I finally decided enough is enough.

I want to find my one true love. The one who will love me unconditionally and do anything for me. The same as I would for her. I want a love that will stand strong through the test of time.

Will I ever be able to find her?

Dragged Out Kicking and Screaming by D.L. Howe


THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - Dragged Out Kicking and Screaming - Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine


A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar…

Wait. That’s not it.

Why did the chicken cross the road...?

Heck. That’s not it either.

Oh, here we go. An agoraphobic meets the man of his dreams who has made it his life’s ambition to not only pull me out of the closet, but also from the safety of my self-imposed prison.

Except it’s not a joke.

It’s my life.

His name is Dr. Soren Delgado, and he’s my mother’s oldest friend. I’ve watched him for as long as I can remember. Until he up and left when I was twelve.

A decade later… he’s back.

This time, I’m not the only one watching...

There All Along by Darley Collins

Interview and Spotlight coming soon!


Desperate times called for desperate measures, and Josie Heiner is more than a little desperate. Her younger brother has found true love’s bliss and is determined that Josie find it too. In fact, he claims to know the perfect guy: his groom to be’s older sister’s husband’s little brother.

Josie has learned the hard way that blind dates never work out, especially when they’re set up by love drunk family members. So, when her brother wont take the hint that she’s happy being single, Josie does what any girl would do: she invents a fake boyfriend.

With her brother’s wedding quickly approaching, Josie embarks on a tour of horrific online dates. Who knew swiping right on a potential fake boyfriend would be so cringy? Hank, the coffee house hottie, that’s who! He always seems to be sitting one table away from her date-tastrophies.

Can he save her from yet another terrible date? Or will she be forced into another disastrous blind date so she isn't alone at her brother's wedding?

Life After The Storm by Havana Wilder

INTERVIEW with Havana Wilder


Life After The Storm Blurb
Escaping an evil Empire is all Fortune wants. But someone has other plans.

~A Quest for freedom~ 
~A Desired Suitor~ 
~One Deadly Battle~

Fortune, deemed a rogue because she refuses to swear an allegiance to the elite or royals, finds herself cast out of the Castle region and must live in a desolate wasteland destroyed by a drought that has lasted two years.

On a mission to liberate her and her outcast friends, she conceives a plan that involves fending off the horrid monarchy if/when they attack all while trying to find a way to a safer territory.

Beginning to think of her as more than just a friend, Fortune’s childhood crush, Leo, makes a decision that will change his life forever. But breaking it off with the Elite is more than frowned upon. 

With Leo also considered a rogue, a target has been placed on both his and Fortune’s backs. The Elite have orders to eliminate extra mouths to feed that don’t bring any benefit to the kingdom.

In the midst of all the mayhem, will Fortune and Leo manage to survive and protect those they love, each other included?

This novel is an exciting journey as Fortune fights for liberty in a Dystopian world inundated by threats, mysteries, and treachery.

***This is an adrenaline rush novel with a mixture of dystopian, fantasy, and romance. Join Fortune as she fights for liberty in a Dystopian world inundated by threats, mysteries, and treachery. Perfect for fans of strong heroines, protective males, and imaginary worlds.***

Jimena by Kindra White

INTERVIEW with Kindra White

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - Goldencrest Pack Collection


Escaping the man that I swore to never love again and the life that was mapped out for me in the La Fuentes Cartel was the easy part. Staying one step ahead of them and invisible is something else entirely.

I’m Jimena La Fuentes, heiress to the La Fuentes Cartel. I became too comfortable and cocky in my new life. I let down my guard.

Big mistake because now I’m back where I started. Dragged kicking and screaming back to the life I never wanted by the man who betrayed me years ago.

Ángel Sánchez.

How can I guard myself against him? He who leaves my pulse racing by just one heated look, and sets my body aflame by just a mere caress of his deft fingers? There’s no way I can escape my family and him a second time with my heart in one piece, but I refuse to give in and become the one thing I’ve hated for so long…

La Reina de La Fuentes Cartel

Betraying Jimena was the hardest thing I have ever done. Losing her in the process nearly killed me. What choice did I have when my father was one of the Tenientes of the most powerful Cartel in the City of the Eternal Spring, La Fuentes Cartel, and I was about to enter La Familia business?

Years later, I’m a made man and command respect amongst La Familia. Rising swiftly through the ranks in the Cartel, I’ve become the deadliest and youngest Teniente ever. I’m ready to pull her back to the family by any means necessary.

I will not let the opportunity to take back what’s mine pass me by. Even if she hates my guts for eternity.

I’ll end everyone for her; burn this world to the ground for her. She belongs to me. Ella siempre será mía!

No matter the consequences, together, we will rule the La Fuentes Cartel as King and Queen.

When You Forget Me by Lorelei Johnson

INTERVIEW with Lorelei Johnson

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - When You Forget Me - Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine


She's cursed to be forgotten, but some things are more powerful than magic.

Elspeth has spent the last two years running from her past; drifting through life like a ghost.


Unable to break her curse, thanks to her wonky magic, she needs to find someone powerful enough to break it for her.

Not an easy feat when people forget her the moment they look away.

But then she meets a man who defies everything.

Roman is one of the vampires' top enforcers. With little else to distract him, he's thrown himself into his work. Until one night he scents his bride. Though his instincts scream that she's his, she seems to dance at the edge of his memory, threatening to vanish if he leaves her side.

The only problem is... witches don't have mates.

But when her past catches up with her, will they break her curse? Or will she fade from his memory forever?

The Storyteller by Louise Murchie

INTERVIEW with Louise Merchie

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - The Storyteller - Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine (coming soon!)


Three years ago, days before her sixteenth birthday, Tabitha Reed ran away to protect herself from a threatening, drunken step-father.

Now, she’s back, wondering if the pieces she left behind can be picked up; can she start over?

Like her, Frank Allen, the young man she left behind, has changed.

Gone is the boy who was following the unhappy path his parents wished for him. Now, he's striding towards his dreams and encouraging others to do the same.

All Tabitha wants is a chance to fix the damage she left behind her when she fled. Will Frank come to her aid?

Is there any room in his future for Tabitha?

The Detective's Forbidden Temptation by Melony Ann

INTERVIEW with Melony Ann

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - The Crane Family Series


THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - The Detective's Forbidden Temptation - Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine


When I was promoted to detective, I expected my schedule would become more chaotic. I live for adrenaline, so it was a perk that I was all for.

What I did not expect was a small caseload. I guess it makes sense. Relatively small-town. Not a lot going on. When a huge case ends up on my desk, I throw all my time at it.

And it really is big.

The huge break I’ve been waiting for finally happens, but with it comes a challenge of epic proportions that I’m not prepared for in the slightest.

He’s a six foot something, pure muscle, and all attitude, eighteen-year-old, All-Star Quarterback who happens to still be a senior in high school. Oh yeah. And I happen to work with his dad. I’m sure there’s some law against being attracted to the son of one of my partners. Several, actually.

Against my better judgment, I take Xavier under my wing. I can’t seem to leave him alone. So when his life implodes, I won’t let him fight the battle alone. Being friend’s can’t be that hard, right?

Wrong. Very, very wrong. My attraction to him only grows, despite my best efforts to keep things platonic and friendly. Xavier belongs to me.

The consequences of an unexpected betrayal that blindsides me could not only cost me Xavier… but also my life.

Ten Days In Heaven by Samantha Michaels

INTERVIEW with Samantha Michaels

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - Ten Days in Heaven - Love and Unity: A Romance Charity Anthology to Benefit Ukraine


I was all set for a much-needed vacation in Hawaii.
My love.
Or so I thought.
My boyfriend decided he'd rather take his tramp of an assistant instead of me.
Now, I'm stuck home.
Alone and seething.

I haven't been home since I left for Los Angeles many years ago. My thirtieth high school reunion seemed as good a time as any to drop back into my old stomping grounds.

Of course, the prospect of seeing her had nothing to do with it…

***Will two friends who drifted apart after high school rekindle that friendship, or have they grown too far apart?***

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