Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Patrick was going to have a horrible morning.  All his friends are at his and his best friend Josephine's place shoving shot after shot towards him wishing him farewells.  He has just completed his degree and residency and is on his way back to Jasper Falls for his brother's wedding and to open his medical practice.

Jo has been getting message after message from her mother about attending the wedding...wanting to set her up with every single male as her date.  Except Jo is gay and not out of the closet to her family and is determined not to return to their hometown and her mother's disappointments.  So he jokes that she can tell them he is her date.

Patrick has been in love with Jo's twin Julie since kindergarten, but she moved to Maryland with her douchebag boyfriend Lance.  

Julie is driving home for Ryan's wedding and wondering if she made the right decision.  Her fiance is an arrogant, controlling jerk who only voices his criticism.  She is so tired of being gaslit.  Enough is enough.  After their last fight where he told her they never discussed him attending the wedding, she told him she was leaving him.

This is book two of the Jasper Falls series and is was nice to be reacquainted with all the family and friends again.  Patrick finally tells Julie his feelings, but Julie is not only on a rebound but she is holding a secret.

Like all of Lydia Michaels books, it is very well written and the characters are amazing!  Ashley Trumpler did an amazing job narrating this story.  I fell in love with her narration from listening to Wake My Heart, book one of this series, and I look forward to listening to more books read by her in the future.

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