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Perrin was talking to Luke when a stranger entered the bar.  She and her sister Maggie had purchased O'Malley's last year from Maggie's husband Ryan's family and it was finally back in the family...well, kind of...Maggie's deceased husband was Nash O'Malley and the bar had been lost in a poker game causing a feud which in a small town made things very uncomfortable. 

Perrin had finally talked Maggie in to an expansion and Perrin's dream of a restaurant was closer to becoming a dream.  She just needed the bank to accept her offer on the foreclosed property behind the bar.  Jasper Falls has gotten a growth spurt after the new mayor's revitalization program and she wanted to be part of the towns growth.

Perrin had vowed off men after her fiance was caught cheating, but even she had to admit the tall man with black hair was gorgeous.  You could tell he wasn't from around here since he wasn't wearing a plaid shirt and jeans and when he orders a Scotch they find out that he is Gage King owner of King's Construction Outlets and was looking to add a store in Jasper Falls.

Perrin is upset because this would prospectively hurt their town.  Ryan's family owned the lumber business and hardware store and half the town would be out of a job.  She is further upset when she finds out that the property he wants is where she wants her restaurant.

Love Me Nots is book three of the Jasper Falls Series and narrated by Ava Erickson.  I love this continuing series about Jasper Falls and Ava Erickson does a wonderful job bringing Perrin and Gage's story to life.  This story is action packed from word one and has a not so happy twist for Perrin.  

Perrin had a jaded view of relationships due to her ex-fiance's betrayal and Gage has his own relationship issues.  I loved this storyline and Gage's mishaps.  This story may be short but it is steamy hot.  Can't wait to see what Jasper Falls has in store for us next.  Highly recommend!

LOVE ME NOTS is book three of the JASPER FALLS Series!

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