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FORBIDDEN BRIDE (Forbidden Series #1) by Stella Gray
Release Date: May 10th

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FORBIDDEN WAR #2 Release Date: June 21st https://new.paigepressbooks.com/m6m339p2hi

FORBIDDEN LOVE #3 Release Date: August 23rd https://new.paigepressbooks.com/lv8lzonn76 



A thrum of pleasure rocks through me as I work my c**k faster. She’s here, but she’s not here. I know somewhere in my brain that this isn’t real. But the need the dream worked up in me is, and I have to let it out. I want her more than I’ve ever wanted a woman, ever.

“Karina, please. Come here.”

“Yes.” She drops the robe to the floor. It flutters around her feet like the wings of a dark angel, settling in a gossamer puddle. She’s heaven but she’s sin. She’s my salvation, but my damnation, too. Forbidden. So forbidden.



I was promised to a man my uncle chose… but I ran away with the enemy.

In this valley, my family name means something. To some, protection. To others, destruction. When a Bellanti stole my heart, he started a war. A ring on my finger put a target on his back. I hardly know the man I threw my life away for. He looked like I imagined Mr. Darcy would. He wrote me poetry. But he’s locked me away exactly the way my uncle had.

Choosing him was my last taste of freedom. Out of the frying pan and into the fire… He will burn me alive either way.

About The Author:

Stella Gray is an emerging author of contemporary romance. When she is not writing, Stella loves to read, hike, knit and cuddle with her greyhound.

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