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Emma is sitting alone with a wine glass full of champagne and chocolate cheesecake celebrating.  She has no friends to celebrate this momentus occasion because her as of today ex-husband Wyatt didn't like her friends so therefore she no longer had any.  Her bad.  She should have paid attention to her reservations when she was standing at the altar instead of bowing under her mother's pressure.  

Wyatt also hadn't wanted her to work, but luckily she had her degreee to fall back on so she was able to find a job to support herself.  As she is enjoying her celebration of one there is a knock on her door, but when she checks no one is there.  Then she notices the note taped to the door.  A notice from her landlord that everyone had to vacate the apartment complex due to an infestation of bugs...starting tomorrow.  Are they kidding?

Emma cringes as she calls her brother.  The last place on earth she wants to stay is in her home town of Jetty Beach, but she has no choice unless she wants to move in with her way, no how.  She has avoided visiting Jetty Beach at all costs for the last ten years.  All she could see were memories of Hunter.  Hunter her ex-boyfriend who disappeared into the night without a word.

Hunter was sitting down to dinner with his family when his mom drops a bomb.  Emma is back in town and was divorced.  The Jacobsen's weren't really his family, but they took him in when he needed someone and have treated him like a third son even after leaving ten years ago.  When he called last year asking if he could come home they welcomed him back with open arms...that is after Cody and Riley got in a few words.

He had returned to Jetty Beach last year after being medically discharged and now worked as a private security consultant.  Only to return to find Emma had moved on.  Now he sits down and does what he knows best.  He plans his mission...Operation Get Her Back.  

I have read this book in the past, but Rock Engle and Emma Wilder really brought these characters to life.  I love Claire Kingsley and her small town steamy hot rom-coms as you get everything you could wish for in a romance.  Strong heroes and feisty heroines who despite hurdles fight their way to an HEA.

This is the first time listening the either of these narrators and I totally enjoyed listening to them bring Hunter, Emma and the other Jetty Beach favorites to life!  Can't wait to hear more from them.  Highly recommend this audiobook and if you haven't read Claire Kingsley, what not?  She is a one-click author and you will not be disappointed!


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