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Dane and his younger sister Sybil are camping with their mom and he is loves hearing his sister's laughter as she tosses marshmallows his way.  When they hear a noise they look up expecting their mother to be returning from gathering wood, but there is something large with glowing red eyes watching them.  He's a man, but not man.  Huge with fangs and glowing red eyes with filth covering him.  And then they watch in horror as it drops their bloody lifeless mother on the ground and disappears.

Larissa has had enough of the abuse of her husband Silus and sneaks away under the cover of night.  The husband has complete control of the household and can do anything he wishes unless it breaks the laws of their Order.  All she has known is the Amish way of life, but she finds a job working as a dancer and it fills her heart with joy even though the clothes are non-existent and she's expected to give lap dances to special clients.  But, these are her choices not choices forced on her after being practically sold like cattle to her husband.

Silus goes before the council to get their approval so he can hunt down his wife, but Bishop King denies his request and tells the council he himself will go after Larissa.  But what Eliaser King doesn't tell anyone is that he has been called...and Larissa is his God promised mate.

I loved this audiobook!  Lucinda Gainey continues telling this amazing story of immortals who live in plain sight in the Amish community to protect their kind.  This story is told in at least six different POVs and has multiple storylines going on within the one, but Lucinda Gainey is wonderful at not only telling the story but transitioning into each character.

This book is action-packed and full of danger and intrigue from word one.  I have read Lydia Michaels contemporary romances, but this genre is definitely her wheelhouse!  This series is full of layers involving multiple members of this community as they are called to find their mates (even if it breaks their hearts) knowing if they don't answer the call they will lose all their humanity as they turn full fae vampire doomed to live a life of madness.

This story is steamy hot and full of suspense as we are led on a dangerous journey looking for a savage murderer who endangers their kind more than the women that are brutally assaulted and murdered.  The cliffhanger of this book is major as it has dangerous implications for more than one person.  Can't wait to see what happens in the conclusion of this series!

Highly recommend this series!!!

DARK EXODUS is book two of the ORDER OF THE VAMPIRES Series!

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