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Ellie was anxious about being here and not just because she is just beginning college.  She looks around her dorm room and was guilty that she left her mother, but her boyfriend Hunter was excited for her being with him at the University of Connecticut.  They've been together for two years, but taking care of her drunk mother kept her from seeing him much last year when he left for college.  

Ellie decides to tour the college grounds before getting ready for the party that night at Hunter's frat house and finds a tree to sit under and people watch.  Her roommate Bree was very friendly, but she needed to get a breathe of fresh air.

As she is taking large breaths trying to ward off a panic attack she realizes she isn't alone.  And when she looks into the dark eyes of the gorgeous man with tattoos she feels as though she knows him even though they have never met.  She should not be getting tingling feelings looking at this man when she has a boyfriend.

Ellie is sitting in her Intro to Philosophy class when the man who played drums at the frat party sits next to her.  The man who stepped in on her and Hunter's fight at the party.  The man from under the tree.  Mateo.  Who she will be partnering for the next semester on an assignment.  

This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Ellie is complicated.  She denies that she is being gaslighted despite the evidence and is so scared of turning out like her mother.  Hunter was a shock and there is no excuse for his actions, but I'm left intrigued about what happened in his past.  Mateo had a horrible childhood, but he has goals that Ellie is determined not be taken from him.

This book is action-packed from word one and I couldn't put it down.  It is a very emotional ride dealing with alcoholism, mental issues, gaslighting and borderline abuse.  Ellie and Hunter's relationship is so toxic with fighting, breaking up...rinse and repeat.  I was so happy with Ellie making the decision for her happiness and can't wait to read the conclusion of her story.

This is the first book I have read by Holly Caste and the depth of her characters and an amazing storyline will keep me coming back for more.  Highly recommend!

BLURRY MESSES is book one of the SCARRED HEARTS Duet and needs to be read in order!

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Start reading the SCARRED HEARTS Duet today!
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