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Skylar is at the Big House as is known is a primitive log cabin looked like something in a storybook and burst at the seams with both her Irish and Italian relatives.  It is the week before Thanksgiving and her massive family was gathered at her grandparent's house for their weekly Sunday dinner.  As she is helping all the aunts prepare dinner they listen to the men trying to school each other on the best way to deep fry a turkey.  The turkey her uncle had named Augustus.  Yeah, they would be having a vegetarian menu because there is no way he would cook something he had named and all the kids took turns feeding. 

She was so excited to share the news that she had received a scholarship for the winter session at a real college.  She was almost finished with her Associates Degree and would be begin working towards her Bachelors and the thought of attending a college away from her family was both exciting and daunting.  She wanted to finally do something for herself and felt like she was being selfish since she usually helped her mother with everything especially since he was so buried in trying to get a grant.

It is just before Christmas and as she is driving through town enjoying the decorations she notices a small child standing on a park bench trying to reach a red balloon that was stuck in a tree.  When she pulls over to help she learns that Addison is the daughter of the Mayor Rhett Buchanan who is speaking in front of the bank.

When he looks up and sees that his daughter had wandered off he gently scolds her and when he finds out that Skylar was studying to be a teacher he asks if she would be interested in being a live-in nanny.

This is hands down my favorite of the Jasper Falls series.  This audiobook is narrated by Lucinda Gainey who also narrated Lydia Michaels The Order of Vampire Series and Lucinda brought Skylar and Rhett's story to life and her portrayal of the aunts is hilarious.

This age-gap taboo romance is action-packed, full of family drama, sabotage and smoking hot chemistry.  Although this is an ongoing series about Jasper Falls and can be read as a standalone I would suggest starting at the beginning so you can really immerse yourself in this small town and learn all the quirks of the recurring characters.

Another great book by Lydia Michaels!  Highly recommend!

PINING FOR YOU is book four of the JASPER FALLS Series!

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