Friday, May 20, 2022

REVIEW - THE WARLOCK'S LAIR by Taya Rune (Part of the Midnight Magic Anthology)

General Kirkpatrick laughed as he dodged a chair and parried with Jazlynn's rapier that was much lighter than his broadsword but just as deadly.  Jazlynn was determined to become less superficial and right a wrong when her ex-boyfriend has stolen the Fae Queen's coronation crown four years ago.  She is still humiliated every time the Queen, her aunt, appears in public without her crown.  But what is even more humiliating is that she still loves him. 

She had been training since her secret telekinesis power has appeared.  A well guarded secret of her family and she had been training with weapons with the special Weapons Master of the Fae Queens army rather than her father as soon as her powers became known.

Chicago was the human plane of the Fae Underworld and the portal was near a lovely lily pond outside the Chicago Zoo.  She has finally become a Weapon of the Fae Queen in the magical world and is in Chicago investigating the rumor that the Jester bought a magic trick off a human who runs a specialized tattoo parlor.  Magic is a contraband not allowed in the human realm.

After finding the tattoo artist he led them to the seller of the forbidden magic.  Jazlynn stared in shock at the man who stole more than just her heart.  Her ex-boyfriend Cael.

The Midnight Magic Anthology is a wonderful collection of paranormal romance, but my review focuses solely on The Warlock's Lair by Taya Rune.  This may be a short story, but that doesn't make it short in detail.  The story is action packed and full of emotion.  Jazlynn was betrayed by the love of her life, but she learns that forgiveness is possible and a broken heart can be healed.

Taya Rune has written another wonderful paranormal story.  Highly recommend this collection and anything by Taya Rune.  Definitely a one-click author!

THE WARLOCK'S LAIR is part of the MIDNIGHT MAGIC Anthology!

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