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Dr. Nick Ryan is an emergency room doctor and he winces as he gives the man before him the bad news stepping back as he fears the man is getting ready to throw up on his shoes.  After speaking with the nurse giving her instructions to contact the surgeon, he finds out the Chief of Physician's wants to see him.

The Chief looks at him gravely as he turns his computer screen towards Nick.  There is a news article complete with video of him kissing a nurse in the breakroom.  What the video failed to show was that she had attacked him and that he had pushed her away...after a few seconds, but still he pushed her away.  The Chief let him know that he has seen the full security video and believes his story, but that the Board of Directors wants him to clean up his act as they already have too much bad publicity.

Mazzy Pembrooke is a Boston socialite, but instead of being known for all her charity work all the press seem to be interested in her recently divorce and her ex-husband being caught on camera with his mistress.  Luckily, as she makes it into the family attorney's office there are no reporters in site.  Today is the reading of her grandfather's will and what she doesn't need is being late because her heel was caught as she entered the elevator making her limp into the conference room with the heel in her hand.

Her mother and father are already seated and the attorney gets down to business.  Her mother was left the property in France along with family jewels and her father was left with the rest of the personal real estate which included several huge estates.  Then the lawyer looks at Mazzy and tells her that her grandfather had changed his will several months ago and everyone sits in shock when she is told that she gets everything else...all stocks, ownership of Pembrooke Financial, and all investments.

Except there is a catch.  She has to be married for six months in order to receive her inheritance.  Since she doesn't need the money and has no intention of going through another disaster of a marriage she goes into hiding for a week because everyone thought that her father would inherit everything.  Then she finds out why the will was changed.  Her father had taken money from the company and without her inheritance everyone would lose their jobs.

So she calls Nick...her ex-best friend...her almost boyfriend...whose heart she had shattered ten years ago.  She knew he hated her, but he had made a pact with her in high school and she planned to him keeping it.  A marriage pact.

This audiobook is narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Ava Erickson and the first sentence had me rolling in laughter.  Both of these narrators were awesome in bringing Nick and Mazzy's story to life.  This book is action-packed and full of laughter.  You get memory moments that bring you even closer to these characters and a true understanding of Nick's feelings.

I highly recommend this book and these narrators!  

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