Thursday, May 19, 2022


Graduation came faster than Molly had expected.  Suddenly high school was over.  She always knew she wanted to study Hotel Management and was excited to receive her acceptance letter from the university in Hungary where she lived with her parents.

After a week of classes she started skipping classes to see which professors would have a problem with attendance.  She wanted to find which were the interesting classes and which she could just study the books.  She's hoping she can do much of the work through books so she can get a job.

Molly landed a job in the executive lounge on the top floor of a five-star hotel which overlooked the Buda Castle and she was able to work around her class schedule.  It was the last year at university and she needed to decide on an internship.

She had moved from serving in the lounge to being the training coordinator learning tons about the food and beverage department, but her married boss was getting too close to her and she wanted to intern abroad to learn from other hotels.

Molly was so excited to get an internship at her number one choice, the Berlin Plaza Hotel.  She found a roommate and prepared to move to Berlin for the next six months.  When she lands in Berlin and pulls her heavy luggage off the conveyor belt it lands on the feet if the man standing next to her she wasn't aware of.  When she looks up and apologizes she is looking at a magazine worthy gorgeous man in his mid-thirties.  

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and highly relatable.  As soon as I got used to the European speech patterns this book read smoothly.  I really feel like I can get a job in the hotel industry in any capacity after reading Molly's story lol.  Everything was very descriptive so you felt as if you were working next to her.  

I loved Molly's determination and work ethics.  This book grabbed me from page one and I was happy to follow Molly's journey.  This book is very romantic and steamy, but the heat level is appropriate for young adult readers.  Highly recommend!

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