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The year was 1934 and deep in the Pennsylvania mountains, Ezekial was leading a group of hunters in the search of his brother Isaiah.  But, as they grow nearer to the sounds he knows they are too late.  Before them is a massacre of bodies, torn flesh and blood.  As a mated elder Ezekial should have seen the signs and stepped in to help his brother before he fell into the delirious madness in search for the other half of his soul.

This is what became of their kind when God's call was heeded too late in the call to find their fated mate.  They turn feral losing all their humanity and turning into a vampire that is forced into the darkness and a life of madness.

Adam woke to feel his mother's pain and distress.  As an empath, he was drowning in her sorrow but had it much better than his sister who could hear her telepathically.  Another miscarriage.  His brother thought she was being punished for marrying for love and not as a fated mate.  Twelve pregnancies, but only three births, his sisters and he and his twin brother Cain.

As Adam stood his brother was there to catch him when he was hit with an extreme case of vertigo and everything went black.  He woke in a field hearing a tinkling laugh that he could feel in his soul.  His body hardened and his fangs grew.  The beast within him broke free as he heard the sound and smelled the scent of honeysuckle in the air.

Then rage and frustration came when he couldn't find her.  Not knowing what she looked like, only the sound of her laugh and her heady smell.  Adam wakes with a start wondering what had just happened.  When he realized what the dream meant fear set it in as he remembered the fate of his great-uncle.  Dreams were said to be mystic visions leading them to their destined mates.

Jonas had to let his father Ezekiel know that his grandson had been called so they could ensure he didn't fall into the same madness as Isaiah.  The vampires, who preferred to be called immortals, hid in plain sight living among the Amish.  The Elders scorned technology and living as they did to ensure their secrecy so Adam set out on foot for his journey.  Promising to keep a journal of his dreams and to send word if he felt a loss of control before he was able to locate his fated mate and bind her to him with a blood bond.

I loved this audiobook!  This book is narrated by Lucinda Gainey whose voice has an old-world storytelling vibe and is perfect for this story of immortal vampires.  Adam gets his call from God to find his fated mate, but there is a major twist to this bonding.  Not to give any spoiler, but I was deeply saddened even though happy Adam & Annalise found their happiness.

The immortals considered anyone not as them as English.  Annalise was English and lived among the hustle and bustle of a busy Pennsylvania city among all the modern technologies available.  Her dreams were becoming more scary each time...butterflies which bit her skin, fish that fed on her, being attached my tiny bats - their tiny teeth sucking her blood.  She was almost scared to close her eyes.

I loved all the characters and they are fully developed and relatable.  The storyline kept my attention from the first word and kept me wanting to know what would happen next.  Adam loses control several times after meeting Annalise which crossed the lines of consent as his natural vampire nature demands he claim his mate.  Annalise is not happy to be leaving behind all technology to live the Amish life.

This story begins with Adam and Annalise's POVs, but later we have several more POVs added to the story letting you know there are further stories to be told.  I have read several books by Lydia Michaels and they were all contemporary romances, but the change in genres to paranormal transitions excellently and I look forward to more from Lydia Michaels in this genre.

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