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Archer is the President of the Sarasota Sharks, the Chicago Kodiaks Triple-A baseball team and he has found the perfect candidate for the Finance Analyst position he is looking to fill.  Now he is sitting angrily waiting for the candidate that his dad told him was perfect for the job.  

His father owns both the Sarasota Sharks and Chicago Kodiaks and has always let him do his job with no interference.  That didn't mean he wasn't going to give in gracefully.  They were going to work hard for this job. 

Rushing to office he runs into a woman and spills his coffee down his shirt.  After apologizing he heads to his office to change before his appointment with his father's candidate.  He hears the door open and tosses his shirt to his assistant to have it cleaned, but when looks up it's not his assistant.

The gorgeous woman who walked into his office was not what he expected nor that his three hour interview would end with him almost killing her.  He had ordered in Chinese and she was allergic to nuts and almost died before the paramedics arrived.  

Another amazing story in the Sarasota Sharks series!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  The timeline for this story begins before book one and we get to relive the love stories of those we fell in love with in books one and two as they intersect with Archer and Megan's story.

Archer is just smoking hot!  Not only is he gorgeous, but he treats his employees and players as friends.  He has a huge family that he adores and the photos in his office are a testament to that love.  But, there is a strict non-fraternization rule - the employees can date players, but he is forbidden from having a relationship with anyone in his employment.

Megan may be a confident businesswoman, but she is a complete mess personally.  Not only are their rules against getting involved with her boss, but her past may come back and bite her in the a$$.

This book is action-packed, full of suspense and danger and scorching hot.  I love how Kristen Lee perfectly merged books one and two into this story.  It wasn't a backstory reference, but living in real time.  This story had a more intense storyline than books one and two with threats of blackmail and death.  It hits all the feels.  Can't wait to see what she has in store for us next in the Sarasota Shark series!

Highly recommend this series and author!

SCORING THE BOSS is book three of the SARASOTA SHARKS Series

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