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Scarlett Bell looks around the bar depressingly.  It used to be the best place to find a one-night-stand, but as she looks around it's just a crowded bar with overpriced drinks, lukewarm music and no hot men.  

She has no time for relationships as her fashion and beauty business Beautifully Bell takes up all her time and energy, but after a long day she needs a release.  Now that she is thirty-two it is harder to find a one-night-stand because the men are more interested in relationships and making babies.

As she is sitting at the bar she receives a message from an unknown number calling her Beauty and that he wants her for the night.  When she tells him he has the wrong number he describes what she is wearing perfectly in a highly erotic text message.  She looks around the bar discreetly to see if there is anyone paying her attention.  No one stands out.

He promises her a night that will ruin her for others.  Tells her to meet him at the penthouse at the Waldorf.  When she arrives everything is screaming at her to turn around...but she knocks on the door and receives a text to come inside.  It is pitch dark inside and the lights don't light when she hits the switch.

He tells her to stop.  When she asks for his name, he says if she knew his name or see him it would ruin it all and then a rope comes out and binds her arms telling her to do exactly what he says and she won't get hurt.  He rips the dress off of her and with her hands secured above her head, a ball gag is put in her mouth giving him complete control. 

When she wakes to daylight after an amazing night he is gone and she still has no idea who he was.

I loved this book.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is book four of the Maybe, Definitely series and although it is the beginning of Scarlett's story, I recommend you read from the beginning to read Kinsley's trilogy as the characters are recurring and the stories are interrelated.

Definitely Yes is narrated by Lacy Laurel and Connor Crais.  Lacy voice immediately portrays Scarlett as a strong confident woman with an attitude.  Connor Crais has a deep sexy voice that brings the Beast to life.  His erotic suggests will give you chills...of the good kind.

This book is action-packed from start to finish.  Scarlett's story is part of another trilogy so expect a cliffhanger.  It is highly erotic, full of danger and suspense and full of tears.  Scarlett is complete opposite of her best friend Kinsley.  She is more confident with an attitude until Jake appears and then her personality conflicts with who we haven't gotten to know.

I love the veil of secrecy with Beast.  Where the Kinsley's story (books one - three) worked into being dark romance, Scarlett's story begins dark.  Highly recommend.

DEFINITELY YES is book four in the MAYBE, DEFINITELY Series

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